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Upgrade Your Traditional Kitchen with Stylish and Elegant Modular Kitchen Designs

You might already have a plan in place, if you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen. If not, then you might want to build up on a plan and then put it in action. When it comes to a modular kitchen, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs. However, many of us do make mistakes when installing a modular kitchen that can be avoided.

Common Mistakes that can be avoided

If you have friends or colleagues who have installed a modular kitchen, then you can ask for tips and advice from them. They might have made a mistake, wherein this can be a learning experience that you can pick up from them.

One of the common mistakes that people make is obstructing the ‘kitchen triangle’. A kitchen triangle consists of the sink, stove and refrigerator. While installing your modular kitchen, you might want to make these areas easily accessible and not clutter these with add – ons.

Livespace is one such company that specializes in all types of modular kitchens. The company is located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Okhla and Gurgaon. All their products come with a warranty period, so you can be rest assured about your money. You can opt for a free consultation with their team of specialists to discuss on the style, space required and the budget for your modular kitchen.

Another common mistake that is usually seen is the space utilization. You can either opt for in built racks or pantry for your utensils or spices or install small cabinets on the walls or above the refrigerator to utilize the space. This can be useful in the case of small kitchen space.

Some other mistakes that can be avoided could be:

  • Cluttering the kitchen space with open racks and cabinets
  • Improper ventilation
  • Poor or too bright lighting
  • Not taking the right measurement of the kitchen
  • Not giving though about the trash can placement
  • Going in for trendy designs that might look out of place or too loud
  • Not enough leg room for you to stand

What can Work for Your Modular Kitchen

Now that you know the common mistakes to avoid, you might want to give some thought on what can work for your modular kitchen. Some of the things that can be quite useful here are:

  • Having a concept or theme in mind before designing your kitchen
  • Taking the help of professionals in setting up your kitchen
  • Researching and doing your homework on the different styles and designs on kitchens available
  • Choosing the right type of layout for your kitchen
  • Preparing a checklist of the items or accessories required to setup the kitchen
  • Creating a chimney space for ventilation
  • Creating storage compartments to store your basic kitchen essentials
  • Choosing a sturdy countertop that will be durable in the long run
  • Adding backsplashes that can capture oil, grease and dirt and avoid staining the walls

No one likes a cluttered kitchen. A kitchen must be a place where you can cook in peace and able to access all your kitchen accessories without any hassles. Go in for subtle colours that match the theme of your home.


Installing a modular kitchen is a long time investment so you might want to plan accordingly. Apply a practical approach when it comes to deciding on the style and design for your kitchen.

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