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Why Home Styling Is Important?

The process of selling a property can seem overwhelming due to all the decisions you must make. You may get distracted by small details like whether your home should be professionally decorated. You can skip this step, but it will improve the value of your home and save you time.

What Is Home Styling?

Home staging is the process to improve the look of a home to sell it. House styling professionals bring in furniture, art, and homeware to decorate the house for sale. Although decorating and organizing furniture are the most obvious aspects of home styling/staging it can also include cleaning up, painting, and landscaping to show potential buyers how their home will look.

Why Not Style Your Home Before You Sell?

It is important to stand out in a competitive market. This will help you get the most value for your property. Expert’s property styling say that decor elements can be used to build emotional connections which will make it easier to sell your property.

Property prices have risen dramatically and buyers are expecting good returns. If they see clutter, imperfections, and boring spaces they won’t buy the property or request a price drop. Experts in home styling can make the property look perfect and help buyers visualize their belongings and the space. Many buyers don’t have the imagination to visualize how the house could work. They need to see each room with its purpose and personality.

What Do Real Estate Agents Look Out For In A Property Styler?

Hire a property stylist if you want to make your house more appealing to buyers. A property stylist, also known as a home stager, is a professional who uses furniture and accessories to enhance the appeal of your space.

These are the five things that you need to keep in mind when hiring one. They are based on what they do:

Expertise And Experience

You should look for expert property stylists with a history of consistent delivery and interior design background. A stylish should have at least two years of experience in the real estate industry. Stylists who have worked on editorial shoots for magazines are often not the best people to help you with your property.

Expert stylists will inspect your property, and will also inquire about the buyers you expect to buy it. This will give them an idea of the type of transformation that they can make.

Match The Stylist To Your Property

Portfolios are a requirement for all professional stylists. To see if the stylist’s past work would match your property, take some time to review it. Someone who can give a luxury look to a property with high prices, for instance, is required.

The goal of hiring property stylists is to neutralize a space so buyers can visualize its potential. However, avoid stylists who use too many whites or make the property look boring. You want buyers to see your place and project their vision. However, it should also be a bit personal.

Compare Quotes

We ask at most two stylists to give us a quote for a job. This is more competitive.

The price of your property, as well as the availability of property stylists in the area, will affect the final cost.

Consider this cost an investment. If styling attracts one more buyer than the property would have had without it, then the price tag is worthwhile. The stylist’s fee is easily repaid by a second buyer at auction.

Prepare Your Property

You can support a property styling professional by painting the walls a neutral color and replacing any old carpet. Although the stylist can bring in their furniture to brighten up the space, it won’t cover walls with too much character (or ugly) or floors that aren’t attractive.

The stylist will also need to see the property empty before they can transform it.

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