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Encryptme – Super Simple VPN

Did you know that the digital world is as unsafe as the physical world out there? Using public wi-fi and other digital and networking services is not as fun as you may think. However, there always is a solution to all your problems. Encrypting your digital assets is one of the primary and best ways to avoid this struggle.

Encryption can be done using a VPN that will tunnel your data and traffic so that third party users cannot access your data and violate the CIA triad of confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your data. Therefore, allowing you to connect to all public networks while keeping all of your data safe, Encryptme – Super Simple VPN has been developed for all android users. You now do not have to worry about your data or identity being stolen.

Use all of your super sensitive data such as your bank account details and others with no hassle or worry whatsoever. You can always be safe while browsing the web or doing any other activity on your smart devices because Encryptme will keep you safe at all times from whichever corner of the world you may be in.

About Encrypt Me VPN

You can now use safe and secure public Wi-Fi from any public place and get access to your network. You may be at an airport, coffee shops, hotel, or even in your office, you can simply just connect to any of the Wi-Fi that is available because you know Encryptme will keep you safe at all times without a doubt. You can also experience all of its features before you make the big decision by simply enjoying the 14-day free trial that is offered by Encryptme.

Then, you can subscribe to enjoy all of its features for just 9.99 dollars per month. You can also provide safety and security for up to 5 users using the same account so that you will be not wasting any of your money. The app is super easy and convenient to use. The user-friendly interface will make the app much more convenient to be used at any time. You can access all of the controls at ease and also manage your security online with just a few taps on the app.

The cloud is also used to sync all of your stings and preferences across all of your smart devices for ease and convenience of use. You do not have to worry about unsafe connections and networks because once you are connected to something unsafe, the app will automatically disconnect you and keep your device and data safe.

The app is simply incredible to use and will save so much time and effort off of your busy schedule because you do not need to worry about which network is safe or unsafe. Leave that to Encryptme and keep browsing or just doing your thing in public places. All you got to do is install the app onto your smart device and keep browsing!

Install VPN on Android TV

Many Android TV and Fire TV users tends to use TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced and Unlinked to install Movies and TV Shows apps. Because Movies and TV shows apps on AppLinked Stores and Unlinked stores are free. Best way to protect your privacy and location when using those apps is with a VPN. You can install Encrypt Me VPN directly from Google play store Amazon App store. Click on mic button of your TV remote and voice assistance open installation page.

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