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What’s Special About French Door Refrigerators?

As with most home appliances, there are many variations when it comes to refrigerators, and these variations provide much more than just a difference in appearance. Refrigerators come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and the appearance of these has changed over many years, although some brands have stood the test of time. Certain designs have, too, with one notable style being that of the French door refrigerator. This is essentially a double-door refrigerator that is wider than most single-door varieties. So, what makes this style so popular?

More Space
Understandably, the key feature of a French door refrigerator is that it has much more space for your food and drink. Being able to store more food and space it out much more easily makes for a much better experience when it comes to identifying what you need to stock up on. As well as that, certain French door refrigerators have a transparent door, meaning you don’t even have to open the door and rummage around, moving things out of the way while deciding what you want. This would otherwise allow the cold to escape, forcing the refrigerator to use more energy to make it cold again.

Improved Layout
The size is great in a French door refrigerator, but the layout can also be much better. Certain varieties also have a door-in-door feature, allowing you to access commonly used items such as drinks and condiments in a smaller, transparent compartment without having to open the main doors. Many also have a lot of different compartments inside, perfect for storing specific items. You might have bottle racks for drinks, chiller and produce drawers, as well as movable shelving to allow you to customize the space to suit you. This reduces the chance that you’ll have to dig your way around the items in your fridge to find what you’re looking for, as you’ll be able to store things in an orderly fashion.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Due to being such a popular layout, French door refrigerators benefit from having a huge range of different designs and colors. This means that it’s very likely you’ll be able to find one to suit your kitchen, no matter how unique it is. Not only are French door refrigerators a useful appliance to own, offering more refrigerator and freezer space, but they can also act as a focal point in your kitchen. Some French door refrigerators are also classed as smart fridges too and come with a built-in smart screen. There are pros and cons to buying a smart fridge, however. Depending on the model, a smart screen can provide you with reminders on things you need to purchase and can also provide you with essential information throughout the day, such as news and weather reports.

Energy Saving
One of the most common ways we waste energy in kitchens is by leaving the refrigerator door open, either by accident or indecisiveness. Even simply opening a refrigerator and quickly locating the thing you need wastes a certain amount of power as the temperature inside drops. However, using a French door refrigerator can reduce the amount of power used if you stick to opening just one of the doors each time. This is because the closed door will act as a barrier, holding more cold air in than if there was only one door.

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