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New Restaurant Owner Insurance Violation Prevention Tips

As a new restaurant owner, the last thing on your mind is having to deal with insurance violations. After all, it took you a great deal of time to search high and low for the cheapest and best policy. Now that your business is up and running, you end up with a notice of cancellation. In hindsight, you might be wondering how you could’ve avoided this situation. Here is a brief rundown.

Commercial Cleaning Tasks

Often at the end of a workday, your employees, especially the kitchen workers, may be in such a rush to get off the clock that they do a poor job cleaning the cooking equipment or neglect to clean it all. Many insurers require their restaurant policyholders to have their kitchen hoods serviced and cleaned on a daily or weekly basis. The easiest way to avoid this type of policy violation is to select a kitchen hood Rockland County, NY contractor before your food establishment first opens up for business.

Fire Extinguishers

Another common cause of pending cancellation notices involves fire extinguishers. While their usefulness can’t be denied, and hopefully, the need to use them never arises, you’d be surprised at the number of policyholders who receive them. Create multiple reminders in the few weeks to months leading up to the servicing deadline on your fire extinguishers in different apps and scheduling programs to ensure you don’t forget about them until it is too late. Don’t forget to follow all restaurant fire extinguisher safety requirements like keeping them properly mounted and unobstructed.


This one may sound a little crazy, but in reality, many insurance quality assurance representatives miss this one initially, too. Most people do not usually walk around looking at the ceilings of the buildings they enter. However, their condition really says a lot about the property owner. Ceilings that are discolored, have spots or stains or show any signs of damage or deterioration are bound to attract the attention of the insurer and cause them to request for the roof to be inspected and repaired if necessary.

If you’re already dealing with any of the issues above, relax. Most insurers generally request that their policyholders make the necessary improvements to nullify the hazards.


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