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A Brief History and Way forward for OPGW Fiber Optic Cable

The arrival of Optical Fiber Grounding Wire or OPGW revolutionized the electrical along with the telecommunications industry because it opened up the doorways for greater efficiency and faster communications. The OPGW fiber optic cable began gaining recognition within the 1980s and remains the preferred grounding wire in lots of places. The beginning of the brand new century saw a boom in using OPGW cables and Asia become the biggest marketplace for these cables. The prosperity of OPGW (Optical Ground wire cables) cables is because of the fact these cables offer dual functionality. The main utilization of OPGW is a grounding cable which shields the overhead lines from lightning and the opportunity to make use of the same cable for transmitting data over lengthy distances managed to get an immediate hit using the transmission companies in addition to telecom companies. The transmission companies may use these cables for his or her own necessity of transmitting data via a secure funnel among its offices at different locations plus they may also lease it or market it to telecom companies and generate extra revenue.

The only real hurdle which will come in method of leasing or selling the fiber optic line to telecom carriers may be the right of way. When the RoW was taken for electrical transmission line then your transmission company cannot sell or lease exactly the same line for other services this could simply be permitted if your separate RoW is taken for telecom or bandwith use. The OPGW fiber optic cable finds favor using the transmission companies simply because it offers all of them with an chance to earn extra cash in the infrastructure they setup for transmission of electricity. The majority of the companies that are in the industry of transmission line construction use OPGW cables for grounding. Installing of the OPGW cables is costlier and sophisticated compared to the standard all metal grounding cables thus we discover these cables only in new transmission line constructions and never around the original copies.

Let’s check out the advantages for any telecom company which decides to make use of the OPGW cables of the transmission company.

The telecom company doesn’t have to take a position money and time on installing of fiber optic line

 Saves price of labor and machinery for lounging subterranean cables

Telecom companies can further their achieve to areas that have been inaccessible because of insufficient infrastructure

Faster and safer transmission of voice and knowledge

Easy fault recognition on overhead lines than the subterranean cables

The transmission information mill trying their finest to project the OPGW (Optical Ground wire cables) fiber optic cable because the best answer to the requirements of telecom companies when it comes to a higher-speed secure method of transmitting data, video, and voice. The way forward for OPGW cables is very vibrant because the companies would likely find more purposes of these cables in not too distant future and also the development of telecom industry is likely to boost the interest in these cables later on. Advancement in technology implies that we are able to possibly see much-improved versions of those cables later on that could further boost the services. The makers will also be striving hard to generate a broader product range like fibre optic panels to make sure that they are able to fulfill the requirements of all sorts of telecom and electricity distribution companies. It is just via a constant look at these products and also the global standards that they’ll become familiar with the scope of improvement in every product they provide. The options for that manufacturers and telecom information mill endless whether they can tap the real potential of the excellent product.

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