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Junglee Rummy has three types of leaderboards. Read here to know all

With the augmenting popularity of the online gaming sphere, it has rarely become easier to choose the right gaming app. The truth cannot be denied – there’s one application for each individual customer. And if you are a rummy fan, you would get a wide range of games available online. While GetMega has become commonplace to select the right game according to your demand, there’s something great about Junglee Rummy that makes the app a fair pick.

Authenticity is the word that goes synonymous with Junglee Rummy’s user interface. But besides its interface, the app also provides you with an excellent leaderboard feature. Junglee Rummy is an intriguing app that offers you an exciting leaderboard. Given the significance of leaderboards to show you the rankings, it becomes fairly significant to get a total of three leaderboards with Junglee Rummy. Yes, you read that right. The application offers multiple leaderboards to simplify your experience. On this note, let’s learn how Junglee Rummy’s leaderboards are different from one another.

Maximum Amount Leaderboard: All-Star Daily Leaderboard

You can now inspire your friends and have fun with the cash tables! The points that you earn are important. So, the more points, the higher your chance of climbing up the leaderboard! In this manner, you get to win from a massive prize pool. You can get exciting prizes. Much to the knowledge of fans, even GetMega offers an exciting leaderboard that’s accessible 24*7—Now coming to the discussion of the points! So, how do points get calculated? Actually, the total points are equal to the cumulative wagering by the invitees by a hundred. When 30 of the friends wager the cumulative of Rs.10 000 amount, your total points become 100 (so that turns out to be 10,000 by 100)

Maximum Depositors Leaderboard: Super Star Leaderboard

The depositors’ leaderboard becomes the ultimate bet where users will be able to invite friends and family. In this way, they can make maximum deposits and get to the top of the leaderboard. If you have an intention to win, you can invite your friends and make maximum deposits to win from a huge cash prize pool. With that, you can encourage your friends and make maximum deposits to climb up leaderboards accordingly. The final prize pool considering the leaderboard happens to be around Rs.1, 30, 000! Now, do you know how points get calculated? Generally, the total points here are equal to how many depositors are there. And you simply multiply that number by 100! Suppose 20 of your friends make the first Junglee Rummy deposits via your invitation. So, that gives you a total point of 2000 (20×100)!

Maximum Registrations Leaderboard: Mega Star Leaderboard

If your friends are as ardent a gamer as you in rummy, you can indirectly help you top the ranking and win mega prizes. In this manner, you can turn the invitations into registrations because there, you can get around Rs. 50,000 prize for leaderboards. When your friends are enthusiastic about rummy, you can invite them and help yourself learn ropes when it is about playing competitive rummy games. So, you can invite them as more friends would mean more fun, and you will be able to climb up the leaderboard more efficiently and at a quicker pace. So, how do points get calculated? Truth be spoken, the total points is the Number of Registrations multiplied by 100. Suppose you have invited ten friends to Junglee Rummy! Then, the total points will become 1000 (10×100)!

You will be able to send the highest number of invitations to friends and family and join the Junglee Rummy. In this manner, you will be able to win real rewards. You can implement a wide range of gaming skills by learning them from the official resources available online. Thus, with the help of different leaderboards in the Junglee Rummy app, you can win real rewards. 

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