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4 Men’s Swimwear Brands You Need to Know About

Did you know that the beach and swimwear are estimated at 5.3 billion dollars in the US in the year 2020?

With such a lucrative industry, it’s no wonder there are numerous swimwear brands competing with each other on the market.

Are you looking for trendy, affordable, and eco-friendly men’s swimwear? Keep reading below where we’ve gathered the brands on the market!

Vanilla Sand Men’s Swimwear

Made locally from 100 percent recycled ocean plastic in Brazil and Portugal, Vanilla sand is one of the most ethical swimwear brands on the planet. The control they have oversupply chains mean they know exactly what goes into their product lines and whose hands they pass through.

Founded by Women this brand uses local factories to produce a limited amount of stock and only start producing again once they have run out of stock. All their fabrics are sourced locally to encourage local artisans to ply their trades and make a living.

Made from materials that are light on your skin and light on the planet, this men’s swimwear brand is taking the world by storm and showing what can be done when a brand cares about the environment equally as much as profits.

Tom And Teddy

Founded in 2011 by a husband and wife when what seemed like an innocent hunt for matching swim trunks for fathers day, this premium men’s swimwear brand designs matching swim trunks for fathers and sons.

Specializing in bright, bold designs that look to Australia’s coastline for inspiration. Their UV-protected swim trunks are made from a special quick-dry microfiber fabric that is resistant to salt and chlorine so can be worn for any swim adventure.

Strong and light, these trunks are at home on a beach day and are strong enough to withstand a boating outing as well. Tom and Teddy brings the cuteness back to a father and son relationship

Orlebar Brown

A London-based designer brand, Orlebar Brown has created a line of swim trunks that are stylish enough to wear to a meeting and to swim in. Imagine being on your yacht or the beach in the morning, taking a swim, and not having to change for your lunchtime meeting?

With an Orlerbar Brown-designed swim trunk you can do exactly that! Made from light, strong resistant material, these swim trunks are worth the price tag, even coming with a 5-year guarantee.

This brand stands out where it allows you to customize your own pair of trunks with your own colors or patterns or even print your own unique picture of your yacht or loved one on the trunks.

Bonus Swimwear Brand

When you’re looking for something a little less normal, then should definitely be on your list.

From quirky options to downright outrageous, this brand ticks all the boxes when it comes to brave men who wear micro-shorts and g-string swimwear.

Discover the Best Men’s Swimwear

A smart effective swim trunk will make sure your time swimming is a relaxing, comfortable affair and help you make the most of your time with your loved ones or whoever you are with!

Are you looking for a new pair of swim trunks? Not sure what to buy or where to go? Well, head on over and check out our latest line of men’s swimwear!

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