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Mistakes that you should avoid while playing the rummy game

Rummy is not won on luck. It depends on how you plan, analyze and strategize the moves to suit the circumstance at hand. You should have proper knowledge about the rules in rummy. The rules for most rummy games are fairly simple, easy to remember and limited in number. This is what makes the game attractive to people of all ages. People who love rummy and enjoy rummy games can download the app on their phones for free and play every day. However, it is important to remember that one small mistake in rummy, can have graver consequences than what you give credit for. Read this article to find out more about the kind of mistakes you should avoid while playing Rummy.

Common mistakes to avoid while playing rummy

  • Underestimating the importance of practice

Practice is what makes perfect. You cannot undermine the importance of practice in any field in life. Just like consistent practice is the most important aspect of any sport or activity, acing rummy is also dependent on practice. Once you have a clear idea about the rules, you should make it a point to practice rummy on the app daily. To practice rummy games, download the application on your phone for free. This way, you can practice any rummy variant you want at any time of the day, based on your convenience.

  • Free games before cash rummy

Before you use any real money on the cash rummy games, you should spend a considerable amount of time improving your moves on the free games. Rummy app allow users to practice on their app freely using the chips, or virtual money. Handling real money can get really difficult if you do not have enough experience. So, it’s better to first play on free games, and then on cash rummy games.

  • Not paying enough attention to your opponents

The next common error is the silliest of them all. While you focus on melding your hand into runs and sets, you shouldn’t forget to keep an eye on your opponents. Keep a track of the cards they pick and discard them into the open deck. Keep an eye on the color of their cards, and if they are discarding any joker cards as well. This will tell you a lot about their strategies and moves and will help you remain alert.

  • Pursuing a bad hand

Let’s face it. There’s no point pursuing a hand if there’s no possibility of melding it into proper sets and sequences. Carrying on in a game like this would mean that you end up with a bunch of deadwood and collect too many points. It’s always important to drop the game early to avoid collecting points. Dropping in the first turn would earn you only 20 points, whereas dropping later can get you as high as 80 points.


So, in order to improve your chances of winning at rummy, it is important that you avoid making these common mistakes. Pay attention to your hand, your opponents and practice well. If you want to get started with the exciting game of rummy, download the RummyPassion app now!

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