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Top Considerations for Top CADD Technicians

It’s difficult to build things correctly without good design plans. Engineers and architects leverage their knowledge and experience to come up with new products and facilities for use by others. Builders need complete construction plans to follow. Enter computer-aided drafting and design or CADD technicians. These people play an important role in a design team. They are tasked with drafting clear, complete, buildable drawings to guide constructors in making the designs a reality.

Knowing CAD software

You can’t be a good CADD technician without knowing CAD software like the back of your hands. You must be able to follow instructions from a designer to quickly generate the plans that will be used to create a product. You may be part of a team that is responsible for generating hundreds, if not thousands of individual plan sheets as part of a single project. Career-minded draftspersons will seek to deepen their knowledge with continuous learning and/or seeking an Autodesk AutoCAD certification Miami, for example.

Staying Organized

Organization is key for a CADD technician. You may be put in charge of managing a set of design drawings for one project or several. Keeping track of changes and knowing which files represent the latest design iteration is a major responsibility. Failing to update drawings or overwriting newer changes with old files by accident can cause major problems for your workflow.

Getting Clear 

If you’re not clear on the instructions you’ve been given, it’s your duty to ask questions. Architects, engineers, and other designers depend on you to create the plans in accordance with governing codes, experience, and other design principles. Never make assumptions about what you’re expected to produce.

CADD technicians play an essential function in the design process. They create the construction drawings or blueprints that a builder will realize into an actual object or structure. The best draftspersons are extremely knowledgeable about software, organized in their work, and understand what is expected of them.


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