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Features of Frenchie Dog You Need to Know About

Very cheerful, intelligent and sociable, the French bulldog is a small dog recognizable by its wrinkles and folds. A faithful companion of the elderly but also of children, this puppy is often considered a baby. However, he exhibits low resistance to humidity despite his muscular and powerful body. It is therefore essential to dress your dog well in order to protect him. However, which clothes to choose? Here are some tips to help you choose clothes for your French bulldog.

Identify the Type of Clothing That Suits Your French bulldog

The Frenchie Dog naturally possesses a system of protection against the cold and inclement weather. However, most of these animals are not sufficiently resistant to humidity. The purpose of purchasing clothing for your French bulldog is therefore to better protect your pet from humidity and cold.

Indeed, belonging to the brachycephalic breed, the French bulldog has enough difficulty maintaining its temperature when the weather is bad. Therefore, the coat (down jacket or raincoat), the knitted sweater are the most suitable clothes for this dog in the wet season.

Down Coat

Usually made with a fur collar with a waterproof canvas with an interior lining, the down jacket is recommended for your dog in winter. Equipped with a hoodie, this type of clothing effectively protects your dog against bad weather and humidity.

The Waterproof Coat

Widely appreciated by many dog ​​owners, the waterproof coat is particularly suitable for a French Bulldog. It is mainly equipped with a very water resistant canvas. While protecting your dog, a waterproof coat prevents the latter from getting soaked.

The Knitted Sweater

As for the knitted sweater, it is highly recommended for both small dogs and older dogs. In particular, it allows them to effectively resist wind, snow, etc. In harsh conditions like extreme cold, shoes can also be very attractive. They serve in particular as protection for your puppy’s pads. They also play an important role in the hygiene of the paws.

Choose a Quality Material

Before buying clothes for your French bulldog, it is important to check the material of manufacture. The knitted sweater is obviously the best choice. In particular, it helps keep your dog warm. It is also better to opt for clothes made of acrylic or cotton. In addition to being easy to wash, these materials are not irritating to your pets’ hair.

A better choice is also the purchase of a fleece coat which is particularly very warm and comfortable. Finally, when it comes to fashionable clothes in summer for your cute French bulldog, we recommend cotton clothes. You can also favor shirts or a jacket to promote better breathing.

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