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Top 4 Ways to Store Your Personal Belongings

Did you know that there are over 125,000 square meters of storage space in operation in Ireland today? That’s about .02 square meters available for each person! While that’s less than other European countries, those who need it can find space for their personal belongings.

Chances are you, or someone you love takes advantage of the extra storage space that storage facilities offer. Whether you have a short-term rental while you move or a long-term contract to hold your personal belongings, you need to find the best way possible to organize your stuff.

Read this blog to get tips for storing your things efficiently.

1. Periodically Pick Through

The more personal belongings you bring into your storage space, the harder it will be to stay organized. Before your trip to the storage facility, deep clean and pare down.

Consider the question: “Is it worth the cost of the unit for me to keep this item?” For many things, like family heirlooms, seasonal sports equipment, and more, the answer will be a clear “yes!” If the answer is “no,” find a local charity at which you can donate gently used items.

If you have a long-term rental, take the time to examine your items periodically. You may find that after six months or a year, things that you felt you couldn’t part with hold less significance to you. As you clean through your belongings, you can make room for things that are more important.

2. Up, Up, and Away

The most desirable way to store items is off the floor. Having your boxes up protects them from water damage and frees up walking space.

Take advantage of the things you are storing to help you organize your space. If you are storing a bookshelf, fill the shelves with small boxes or fragile items. Tables in storage make great platforms upon which to store things.

If allowed, you can hang hooks for bikes or bags. Or, you could even bring in an easy-to-assemble storage shelf to aid you in your organization’s mission.

3. Label It!

While you might think now that you could never forget what’s in that particular box, label the box to save yourself the future headache. You’ll want to be able to locate your items without having to open several boxes during your search. Use permanent markers and keep all labels facing outwards to keep your boxes identifiable.

4. Heavy Hauls First

Finally, load the heaviest items in the back of the unit and on the bottom of stacks. Stacks of boxes will be safer and sturdier with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. If you need to access your items, you’ll be glad not to have to push around the heavy items in front to get at the things in the back.

Store Your Personal Belongings With Ease

The next time you’re loading a storage space with your personal belongings, keep these storage solutions in mind so you can organize with ease and efficiency.

For more helpful tips and hacks, read other posts on our blog today!

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