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8 Key Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

If you’re thinking about getting lit, the good news is that most states have some form of legalization. If you’re allowed to enjoy marijuana medically, then you might wonder why you should try it. What are the benefits of medical patients having a marijuana medical card?

While it might feel difficult trying to find information, the good news is that there’s support. Read this guide on the various benefits of having a medical card and get started today!

1. Lower Costs

Having a medical marijuana card means that you could save money year-round. You’ll experience lower prices than those who have to use retail outlets. When marijuana was legalized, the taxes on it increased as well.

Many states have either exempted or lowered taxes on cannabis with a medical marijuana card. While it might seem more upfront since you need to buy the card first to use cannabis products, it could wind up saving you more.

2. Lower Age Requirements

You’ll be able to potentially find a weed dispensary at a younger age. While most states require you to be at least 21 to take cannabis recreationally, some areas let you be younger with a medical card. For conditions including cancer and epilepsy, you might be able to take it sooner.

2. You Can Buy More Cannabis

You could be able to buy more cannabis with a medical card than without one. This will depend on your state and legalities.

As a medical marijuana cardholder, you could also grow more cannabis plants at home than a recreational user could. This depends on your state as well. Reach out to your local laws in order to get approval to grow more plants.

3. Stronger

Medical cannabis products tend to be stronger than recreational marijuana. Whereas, retail sellers of cannabis, must abide by the laws when it comes to potency.

This is also due to medical marijuana users needing a higher potency of marijuana in order to help them. Of course, this will vary from state to state.

4. Better Protection

While there aren’t as many protections for recreational users, marijuana cardholders tend to have better protection when it comes to the law. Patients and caregivers have different protections when it comes to legalities.

You’ll need to meet certain requirements in order for this to be the case. Many medical marijuana cards will exempt you from different limitations that recreational users might have.

Some wonder whether they could be fired from their job by having a marijuana medical card. This depends on the state and its laws. It’s best to seek legal counsel regarding this.

5. More Options

When it comes to dispensaries, you’ll have a range of different strains to choose from. You can also decide whether you’d like to take flowers, vaping, or edibles. It’ll also allow you to take the level of CBD or THC that you’re looking to have.

Heading to a dispensary with your medical marijuana card will mean that you’ll be heard. You can find out which strains are working best for others.

6. Priority Access

Many dispensaries will make you a priority when you have a medical marijuana card. You can avoid queues that might occur in certain states.

Some states are required by law to have a certain amount of medical marijuana products. This way, if there’s a shortage, you’ll have options and won’t go without them. Many dispensaries also have patient-dedicated checkouts as well.

7. Safer Alternative to Medication

With the opioid crisis, many are becoming addicted and can’t function in day-to-day life anymore. They might be wasting their money on illegal drugs that might have other interactions in the medication. It could also become expensive.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving medical-grade marijuana. It’s worth it to speak with your doctor about obtaining a medical marijuana card.

8. Increased Appetite

For many who might have cancer or another ailment, they might have trouble with eating and having an appetite due to the different medications that they’re taking. The good news is that when you have a medical marijuana card you could get medical-grade marijuana which might help to increase your appetite. If you have a loss of appetite it could lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and a decrease in muscle mass and strength.

How Long Will It Take To Get Approved for Medical Marijuana?

First, head to your physician and speak to them about receiving a recommendation for medical marijuana. Once you receive this, you’ll be able to receive a medical marijuana use registry identification card.

Once your application is received, it could take a few days to process it. From here, it might take a bit for it to be approved. Ensure that everything is filled out properly in order to avoid delays or a rejection letter.

Potential Risks

As with any medication, there’s a potential risk. First, you might experience short-term reduced memory, an increased heart rate, and low blood pressure.

Speak with a doctor to ensure that the pros outweigh the cons. Many wind up deciding that the pros do outweigh the risks.

Understanding the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Cards for Medical Patients

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the various benefits of medical marijuana cards for medical patients. Take your time deciding if it’s right and worth it for you, and take a look at a comparison between the pros and cons.

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