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Who does not want to live together with their loved one even if it requires the person to stay abroad? All the countries have some specific rules and regulations in the form of some examinations that you have to pass to become eligible to stay there for a longer period. A similar kind of examination is being conducted by the United Kingdom for the partners or parents who wish to live there with the settled individual for a long tenure. The name of this examination is the B1 English Test. The purpose of this test is to check on the speaking and listening proficiency of the individual, to check the ability of an individual to understand the accent of people in the UK and how the person reciprocates with the other. The aim of conducting this test is to verify whether the person will be able to adjust there and how comfortable will he/she will be in grasping and adapting to the way the other people speak or interact in the UK.

The B1 English Test is designed in such a way that it involves two consecutive phases of five minutes each wherein your way of speaking and listening ability and skills of conversation will be checked by the examiner. The first phase is the “Topic phase” where you can discuss on a self-selected topic followed by the phase of Conversation between you and the examiner on two subject areas selected by the examiner. The former phase is designed to persuade spontaneous discussion so there is no need for you to memorize what you wish to speak about. You can make use of the first phase by providing information about the prepared topic of the chosen area of interest in a series of linked long turns about the five discussion points on the Topic form, which you would be required to fill in before the commencement of the examination. You can impress the examiner by properly understanding and speaking in-depth about the selected topic and by responding appropriately to questions which the examiner might ask you.

You can participate in an informal discussion about the topic, during which the examiner might request more information, facts or details. So you must be well informed about the topic. You might be requested for clarifying your views on the subject area of interest. Thus, you must give reasons for making particular statements. You can also interrogate the examiner about the doubts if you face any with the details of the examination. After the first phase is over, then comes the second phase of the interview which is the “Conversation phase” where you need to start up a conversation on two subject areas selected by the examiner. It would again last for five minutes. In this phase, the candidate gets a chance to have an interesting exchange of words and thoughts, ideas and relevant opinions regarding the given topic, while proving their capability to use the language of the grade. If you can clear the examination you are all set to stay in the UK with your dear one.

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