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Things You Need to Know About Pearls

A jewellery collection is not complete without a stunning pearl necklace, a pair of pearl earrings, and a pearl bracelet. The way in which a pearl is made helps in making it stand out from the rest of the other gemstones. Here are some of the top things that you need to know about this mesmerizing gemstone.

Pearls are produced by living creatures

Unlike most of the other gemstones like diamond, gold, platinum, silver etc. that are formed beneath the ground, pearls are formed when any impure particle invades the oyster shell. As an act of protection, nacre in the form of layers surrounds the particle. With time it gets hard and this hardened form of impurity is called as a pearl. Click here to find more about pearls.

  • Pearls come in several types

Pearl is one of those gemstones that can be found in two different types, natural and cultured. The availability of natural pearls is close to being rare as out of ten thousand oysters, only one produces a pearl.

A cultured pearl is easily available and less pricey than natural ones. It is made by inserting an irritant into the mollusk via synthetic means. Cultured pearls are again classified as Fresh Water Pearls, Akoya Pearls and Tahitian Pearls.

  • Pearls are the best gift

If you have any special women in your life, then nothing can be a better gift than a beautiful pearl necklace. This necklace looks lovely and delicate and imparts elegance and classy touch to the wearer. Receiving such lovely gemstones would surely fill her with amazement and happiness.

  • Pearls need a good amount of care

Just like any other jewellery piece, it is important to keep pearls in the best form. This requires regular cleaning with soft brush and gentle washing liquid. Keep it under the case wrapped in cotton so as to prevent any marks or scratches on it. By keeping your pearls in the best shape, will preserve their shine and look for many years.


All the above things would equip you with the best knowledge about pearls. If you know any other fact about pearl, do let us know.

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