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What You Should Know about at Home Testing

Drug testing is conducted for various reasons, depending on who insists on it. It can be your employer, some educational institution, and even your parents. Laws about consuming opiates for medical and recreational purposes can be pretty confusing. Many people are scared of drug testing because they can lose their jobs or be kicked out of the school. It’s your right to decline to go for testing, but it may get you in trouble.

That is why occasional users of some light opiates come up with various ways to pass drug tests. Depending on the method of testing, there are many products and techniques that can accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body. Or, at least, to temporarily mask them. In standard drug tests, even a false negative result will do. The problem can be additional tests, but no one will insist on them if it’s not necessary.

Why Home Drug Test

Whatever method for fooling the test you choose, you have to be sure it’s effective. There are various products and ways that have proven to be ineffective in drug tests. Found some of the common myths and failures on this page. It is, therefore, necessary to do a pre-test at your home. You can find various ‘at home’ kits on the market, by which you will check if your method for passing a test works.

You, or someone you trust, are the only one who can see the results of home drug tests. That is why many parents decide to test their children in this way if there are doubts about using illegal substances. This test method is discreet and reliable, and provides the basis for further testing if the result is positive. Vise parents can use home drug tests as prevention – if your kids know you will test them, they will probably not go for opiates.

Home Drug Test Accuracy

Home drug test kits are commercial products that you can buy in corner shops and online stores for several tens of dollars. So you can’t expect one hundred percent accuracy from them. However, the percentage of the wrong results is small, so these tests are marked as fairly reliable. Reading reviews and user experiences can be useful, as those seen on

Many factors affect the accuracy of the home drug tests – which test you have, when you last used drugs, type of opiate, etc. In order to avoid failure, you should follow the instructions contained in the kit. Sometimes even the temperature of the room can have an effect on the result.

But generally speaking, home drug tests are sensitive to the presence of toxins in the sample you are testing (most often urine, saliva in less number of cases). If a home drug test shows the presence of opiates, this will most likely be confirmed by lab testing. If they show a negative result, you can never be completely sure how valid it is. This can only be true if you haven’t used narcotics.

How Home Drug Tests Help You Pass Regular Drug Test


If it’s your first time to do a drug test, at-home kits can help you do it like a pro. If you have a test scheduled in a few days, you have enough time to apply some of the proven methods (if you used some drugs recently). You can do your home test every day, even every hour. You are allowed to take any precaution in order not to lose your job, scholarship or state assistance, for example.

How many times you will use a home test depends on when your regular drug test is scheduled. When you have a few days to prepare, you can try several different ways to flush the metabolites of drugs from the organism. After using each of them, do the test.

It can be tricky if you are giving the sample for a drug test first thing in the morning. Then you don’t have enough time for the detox of the organism; you can try to temporarily mask drug metabolites or to dilute the sample before testing. Also, you don’t have time to experiment with several different at-home test kits so think twice before you opt for the right one.

Home drug tests examine the use of light drugs, most often marijuana and its metabolites.

Why Home Drug Tests Are Useful

Since at-home drug tests are available in a free sale and everyone can get them, this is their main advantage. Whenever you need it, you can run to the store or order it online. Depending on what sort of the test you are doing, results are usually visible after a few minutes.

Discretion seems to be the best thing about at-home drug tests. Although regular testing is confidential and your results aren’t available to everyone, the very idea that you are actually undergoing testing can cause some doubt about you using narcotics. When you test at your home, no one will know that.

There are also tests where you can send your sample to the lab, but it takes a couple of days to get results. However, this procedure is rarely practiced.

Disadvantages of At-Home Tests

Imprecision is the biggest drawback of at-home drug tests. Although errors occur in just a few percents of the tested candidates, no home test can be compared with the lab examination by efficiency. But it can be a good starting point.

The speed of getting the result can be an advantage, but also a weakness in at-home tests. The good thing is that you will relatively quickly. Another disadvantage is that at-home tests only identify the presence of opiates, but not the amount.

In some cases, those who require drug testing may also accept a positive result, but only to some extent. Therefore, it would be good to know the amount of drug present in your body. That’s how you’ll know to what extent you should lower the concentration of drug metabolites in the body whether you’re positive or negative on opiates.

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