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The Most Common Types of Boats Explained

If you’re one of the 100 million Americans that go boating each year, you might be considering buying a boat. It’s an excellent investment, especially if you love being on the water or fishing.

We want to help you find the right boat, so we listed down the most common types of boats. Continue below to learn more about these boats and how they work.

1. Yacht

Most people think of luxury and fun when they hear the word yacht. A yacht is a motorboat designed for luxury and recreational purposes used by people with a lot of money to spare.

2. Tow-Sports Boats

Do you like wakeboarding or doing similar things on the water? You’ll most likely enjoy a tow-sports boat, which includes:

  • Wakeboard boat
  • Surf boat
  • Ski boat

These are versatile boats with sleek designs and many boating benefits. They’re great for families and thrill-seekers.

3. Banana Boats

If you’re on a budget but plan on owning a boat, start with a banana boat. It’s not like other boats in this list because it’s inflatable and lacks a motor and cabin.

Still, it provides a lot of fun for families and friend groups. A banana boat can seat three to ten people. The benefit of a banana boat you can bring it anywhere with you.

4. Sailboats

Sailboats are a broader group, but they’re still some of the most popular types of boats among many people. These watercraft had their prices go up in the pandemic and were in high demand. Consider a sailboat if you want to go out in the water with a family-friendly boat.

5. Personal Watercraft Boats or PWCs

The official term for these watercraft is a personal watercraft boat or PWC. They’re perfect for fun and thrill-seeking people.

They’re smaller than the average boat, seating only one or two people. Yet, their speed makes up for their smaller size. They’re also more intuitive to steer.

6. Fishing Boat

Do you prefer sitting over the open water and chilling with your buddies? Fishing is more likely the water-related hobby you enjoy. The fishing boat is a perfect choice for you.

However, don’t forget to look up where to go boating before going. Otherwise, you may bring your boat to bays, lakes, or beaches that don’t allow it. Visit the link for more info if you’re interested in boating on the Chesapeake Bay.

7. Houseboats

Let’s move on to a bigger boat, the houseboat. Like its name, its main feature is the house built on top of a boat. In short, a houseboat is a house built for water.

8. Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat would fit you if you prefer boats fit for short-range cruises along waterways and inland waters. It’s also one of the most currently trending boats.

A pontoon boat uses aluminum floats or tubes, called pontoons, to float. It’s perfect for small water bodies and groups of people. It’s the go-to boat if you want a craft with excellent stability on the water.

Learn the Best Types of Boats

Now, you know a handful of the most common types of boats.

Are you ready to start boating? Don’t forget to search for the best places to go boating, boating tips, and more first.

To know more, see our other blog posts for more helpful guides on boating, news, travel, and more.

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