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A Guide to Choose the Right Propane Supplier

Recent reports state that there has been a 5 percent increase in propane usage in American households. Prescott city, located in Yavapai County, Arizona, with a population of over 47,000, is no exception. The region’s people have resorted to using versatile energy sources like propane for various domestic activities. The city also has a growing economy with retail and business hubs contributing to the job base, increasing propane consumption.

No matter what your propane needs are, finding the right propane supplier in Prescott, AZ for residential propane tank refill cincinnati oh, can be challenging. Below is a complete guide that can help you with your selection process.

Go for a local supplier.

Prescott has more than 30 propane suppliers. Hence, it is best to commence your search by assessing the local suppliers based on their prices and reliability. You can then evaluate the product and service quality by examining customer reviews. This will help you learn which providers go the extra mile to satisfy the customers.

You can compare pricing plans to get the most reasonable prices. Also, don’t forget to go through delivery options and choose the most efficient one.

Check typical products and services.

Evaluating products and services offered by local propane suppliers will help you become familiar with them and choose the best option. Some typical propane services are propane gas delivery boerne tx and fill-up, outdoor or indoor appliances, emergency repairs and services, and renting or buying propane equipment.

Before choosing your propane supplier in Prescott, AZ, don’t forget to read and review the written contract. In addition, you and your supplier need to have a thorough understanding of the service commitments to prevent issues in the future.

Delivery options

You can either choose automatic or as-needed delivery options.

Automatic delivery is also known as the ‘always full’ option. This form of delivery depends on your estimated propane usage and scheduling of delivery by the supplier to keep your tanks full regularly. Moreover, if you like to monitor your propane usage, you can choose as-needed delivery where you can contact your supplier and get it delivered.

Certification and registration

It is crucial to inquire whether all the personnel working with the supplier are CETP certified, which is the national certification for propane suppliers in the USA. Also, check if the propane supplier is registered in Arizona. Remember, all propane dealers in Prescott must register with the State Department to get a permit to sell and deliver the fuel. Lastly, don’t forget to ask if your supplier is insured in the state before the personnel enter your property.

Customer services

Your propane supplier should be responsive and ready to provide services at any hour of the day. Also, ask if you can get the assistance of a customer service executive even at odd hours.

You should also learn about after-hour emergency services and service limitations in emergencies like heating system repairs, generator repairs, or gas leaks.

Safety records

Check the safety record of your propane supplier in Prescott, AZ, through the Better Business Bureau. The organization tracks customer problems and complaints experienced by a member organization. So, if your organization is enlisted, you can learn a great deal from the supplier’s customer complaints and issues the organization faces. In addition, you can also get an idea about how the company handled the problem and provided a satisfactory solution.


Choosing a reliable propane supplier is vital, and you can’t take any risks. So, you must be mindful of several things to prevent fuel mishandling and its harmful consequences. Therefore, checking propane suppliers’ regulatory programs and safety records can also come in handy to help you understand their safety commitment and help you proceed with your choice.

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