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The Importance of Roadside Assistance: A Comprehensive Guide

The thought of having your car break down in the middle of a highway is everyone’s worst nightmare. This is why drivers need to have roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is a service that offers motorists help with minor driving issues like flat tires, dead batteries, and empty fuel tanks. This type of coverage is often incorporated into vehicle insurance policies or offered as a subscription membership.

Fuel Delivery

Whether on the highway or running an errand in town, it can be extremely stressful when your vehicle breaks down. While cars are getting safer, more reliable, and packed with features like accident detection technology, smartphones, and emergency kits, it still needs to be guaranteed that everything will go as planned. Roadside assistance programs typically include fuel delivery, battery jumpstarts, and brake repair Alma, GA. These are great for preventing breakdowns from becoming major catastrophes. You can get these services through many insurance companies, membership organizations, or credit card and cell phone providers. The most common service you can receive from these roadside assistance services is bringing fuel to your car when you’ve run out of gas. 

Jump Starts

Whether it’s a dead battery or a flat tire, minor driving issues can quickly escalate your emotions, even if you’re a calm driver. This type of issue is the kind that roadside assistance covers. Having a jack and spare in your vehicle is a good idea, but it takes work to change a tire on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Roadside assistance can jump your dead car battery and install a new one if necessary. They can also help with various other issues, like running out of fuel during a city errand or having an empty gas tank on a highway. If a broken part can’t be repaired onsite, they will tow your vehicle to an auto repair shop for you. Use the right tools when attempting a jumpstart, and always wear protective gloves when handling automotive fluids.

Tire Changes

The most common reason drivers call roadside assistance is for a flat tire. They can also get you a replacement battery, jumpstart a dead one and tow your vehicle to the shop if necessary. Before the technician changes your tire, they must ensure their working area is safe. This usually involves turning on the hazard lights to warn other drivers. It may also be smart to put a brick, log, or other heavy object in front of the undamaged tires to prevent the car from rolling away while they’re working. Once the hazard lights are on, the technician will remove the tires from the wheels of your vehicle. This process typically starts with the front tire on the left side of the vehicle. Using a wrench, they will loosen the lug nuts that attach the wheel to the car. The technician may also use wheel wedges in front of or behind the tires to minimize the vehicle’s risk of rolling.


Car breakdowns are never fun but especially stressful on the road. They not only create stress and anxiety for the driver, but they also cost the economy nearly $41 billion annually. Fortunately, some auto clubs and credit cards provide roadside assistance with car insurance. These services include jump starts, fuel delivery, tire changes, and lockouts. The driver will be towed to a local auto repair shop if the car needs major repairs. Getting locked out of the vehicle is frustrating and unsettling, particularly if it’s late at night or in an unfamiliar neighborhood. 


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