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Understanding the Cost of Detailing an RV

RV detailing is an essential service that can protect the resale value of your RV, prolong its lifespan, and prevent health issues. However, it can be expensive.


Many are wondering about how much does it cost to detail an RV Howard County, MD, and the other expenses to expect during the process. According to experts, the exterior of an RV is a large surface area that requires protection from the elements. Regular cleaning and detailing of the RV helps to retain that showroom shine and will help the rig maintain value should the owner decide to sell it. 

The RV wall paneling is a skin-over insulation material, and the utility arteries act like electric wires. RV manufacturers use a mix of materials to create wall panels that balance durability and the ability to accept finishing products like wallpaper or paint.

RV owners often find clever ways to hang things on the walls, but using nails or screws is not a good idea as it can leave holes in the interior. The best option is to use adhesive plastic hooks or velcro with a glue backing that can be easily moved. This also protects the walls from damage.


RVs are a significant investment, so regular cleaning is vital to maintaining your RV’s appearance and value. RV detailing also helps protect against damage from water, dirt, and the sun’s UV rays.

The type of RV will also have an impact on the price of a detail job. For example, some RVs have special materials requiring specific cleaners and waxes. You should always read your RV’s owner’s guide to ensure you use safe products. A full interior RV detail can cost between $200 and $350. This includes everything from thoroughly cleaning the carpets to washing and shampooing the upholstery. It is also important to consider the age and condition of your RV when choosing a service provider. Older RVs may require more extensive work, such as oxidation removal, which can be costly. 


An RV is an investment that needs regular care and attention to keep it looking good and functioning properly. Failure to detail an RV can result in superficial problems like sun damage, scratches, and a dirty overall look. Still, it can also lead to more serious issues, such as mold and mildew, that may require costly repairs or even the replacement of important materials.

An important part of detailing an RV is the roof. An RV’s roof is exposed to the elements for a long time, making it vulnerable to oxidation and UV damage. Getting an RV’s roof regularly detailed can help prevent these damages and keep the RV looking new for longer. Some RV detailing services include roof cleaning as a standard part of their service, while others charge a little more for this service, depending on the condition of the RV’s roof. For example, if an RV has light to moderate oxidation, the detailer must use a special compound to remove oxidation from the fiberglass and gel coat.


The ceiling in most new RVs is made of a carpet-like material known as needle punch polypropylene. It rarely gets soiled so badly that it requires special shampooing treatment. In most cases, a dry vapor steamer with one extension and the rectangle or tool wrapped with a microfiber towel will be enough to remove most dirt and grime from this area. While hiring a professional to detail your RV may be more expensive than doing it yourself, it is often worth the extra money. Professional RV detailers have specialized cleaning materials and vacuum attachments that can reach areas the average homeowner cannot access.


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