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Signs Your Vehicle Needs Service

You should have your vehicle regularly serviced to ensure it continues running efficiently and problem-free. However, even regular service cannot prevent all breakdowns and issues. Getting to know the signs it is time for service will help a driver avoid serious problems with their vehicle.

The Engine Warning Light  

Newer vehicles are good at letting you know when you should take it to an auto body shop near me. Usually, you will see a yellow “check engine” light appear in the dash. When this happens, you should get the vehicle to the garage for service right away. Several issues may cause this light to appear.

Strange Sounds

If you notice any new or strange sounds coming from your vehicle, you need to have them checked out before they turn into more severe problems. Some of the common sounds you may hear that indicate a problem include whining under the hood, louder than normal exhaust sounds, uneven engine noises, metal on metal, squealing when the brake is pressed, and crunching gears.

Steam or Smoke Coming from Under the Hood

This problem is usually caused if your vehicle gets overheated or if there are issues with the radiator. Steam is usually white. It is a good idea to get the vehicle checked out right away to make sure the problem is not more serious.

If the temperature gauge has gone up, this indicates a more serious problem. In this case, you don’t need to put off service.

Don’t Ignore Vehicle Issues

If you don’t seek repairs for your vehicle as soon as an issue is noticed, it will only continue to get worse. The best way to avoid this problem is by going to the mechanic for repairs right away. Also, regular maintenance will help find smaller issues before they become more serious.

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