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San Antonio Spurs- Pride Of The San Antonio City


San Antonio is a city in Texas, America. San Antonio Spurs is one of the finest teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). San Antonio Spurs is the pride for the residents of the San Antonio city. Most of us probably know that the Spurs have won the National Basketball Championship titles five times. The residents of the hometown are always keen on the San Antonio Spurs news. The team should thankful to the legends like Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli, who are all played a major part. There are some other facts that not all of you aware of.

Some Of The Unknown Facts Of The San Antonio Spurs:

The San Antonio Spurs team was founded in 1967 when the team was the founded it is named as Dallas Chaparrals by the American Basketball Association. During the start of the team as Chaparrals for the first six years, they faced disinterest and not able to get more attendance. Then the Dallas Chaparrals moved to San Antonio in 1973, and the team was sold to a group of businessmen in San Antonio and the team is renamed as San Antonio Spurs and joined the National Basketball Association in 1976.

The Only Mascot Ejected:

Team mascots in sports are the most lovable and entertaining characters. For the San Antonio Spurs, the Coyote is the official mascot in the National Basketball Association league. The interesting fact is during a game in 2005, the San Antonio Spurs are playing against Minnesota Timberwolves, the Spurs mascot the Coyote made a challenge for a fight with the opposing mascot. Then, the Coyote was the first mascot that has been ejected for attempting to scare the other team. The San Antonio Spurs news of ejecting the mascot became viral at that time.

Best Winning Percentage In NBA:

San Antonio Spurs is one of the all-time best teams in the history of the National Basketball Championship. The San Antonio Spurs has an amazing fact of having the best overall winning percentage than the other teams in the National Basketball Association league history. Since the first season after renamed as San Antonio Spurs in 1973, the Spurs have missed only four times of the post-season. Also, the San Antonio Spurs have won the National Basketball Championship title five times makes the point clear that they win a lot.

The Rodeo Road Trip:

The Rodeo Road trip is hosted by AT&T center hosts the San Antonio Show and Rodeo. While this event takes place the Spurs are used to take an extended series of away games, this has been referred to as a Rodeo Road Trip. The Rodeo Road Trip started in 2003, and it is the longest covered trip. The first Rodeo Road Trip covers a distance of nearly 10,000 miles. The record of most points played in Rodeo road Trip is held by Ginobli, who has 46 points in the year 2008. These are the few interesting facts regarding the San Antonio Spurs, who are the beloved members of the community.  

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