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The Victory margin market is when you bet on trying to predict how many goals exactly a team will win the game, but you don’t predict the exact result of the match. A simple example: if you bet that a certain team will win the game by 2 goals difference, for you to win the bet the scores need to be 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 and so on.

The example above was for football games, but you can also bet on games of basketball, football, tennis and many other sports.

This Sbobet88 Mobile bet became very popular and eventually replaced the exact result market, as this is more difficult to predict. It is also often seen as an interesting alternative for people looking for a quote higher than that of the 1×2 market.

How can I predict the Margin of Victory?

It is not easy to predict, it is actually quite difficult. At first see how the two teams faced each other directly and how their last games are going. The offensive and defensive statistics of each team should not be discarded.

See an example of this market at 188bet:

In this market, the victory quotes for 1 goal will generally be greater than 3.0; for 2 goals greater than 4.0 and so it will always be greater. If in your studies you have seen that a certain team usually wins by 2 or 3 goals difference and you do not want to go to handicap -1.5 or handicap -2.5 , choose Margin of Victory. where the quote is higher. Split a unit and place two bets on Win by 2 Goals and Win by 3 Goals.

Which site pays best in this market?

188bet is one of the best rated in Victory margin and also opens its markets for many games. In the screenshot above, of the friendly between Germany and England, he was removed from 188bet exactly because among the five houses surveyed, the highest price was for this house.

Finding value in a bet is not so simple, sometimes the Money Line market (bet simply on which team will win the match) does not give us the confidence to find a winner, nor the market for goals (over / under). There are people who study the number of possible corners that a game may have, there are others who focus on the number of cards and there are many who like the market of both teams to score goals. This last method of study has been growing a lot in recent years.


The concept of how this works is very simple. You choose a game where you think that two teams will score goals each in the same match, no matter the number of goals and the number of goals that the teams score. The result of the game does not matter, what matters is whether the teams will score goals. You beginner in the world of betting may find that this is an easy way to make money with this type of bet, who knows you are right, but even so we will give some tips.


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