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Rings- a symbol of Love!

Rings symbolize wealth, love, marriage, high status. Usually, when people think about rings for an occasion like marriage ceremony, the first thing that comes in mind is, it should be precious as marriage is one of the most important events in our lives. So, nothing is more precious than a diamond. But it’s usually not possible for everyone to buy a diamond ring. So why not you give a try to Oval Moissanite Rings and, in the advancement in the technology, you can make your dream come true and buy diamond rings or accessories for a reduced price. So, you can buy a lab-created diamond which is called Moissanite.

History of Moissanite:

Moissanite is a rare mineral, discovered by the French Chemist Henry Moissan in 1893. This stone looks clearly like a diamond. Henri Moissanite was examining rock samples from meteor crater in1983 and discovered this mineral. At first, this was mistakenly identified as diamond but after some research, he found out that this mineral was exactly like diamond crystal. This mineral occurs naturally known as silicon carbide and it has the chemical formula SiC.

Why buy Moissanite rings?

When you think of an engagement ring, the first that comes to mind is a diamond ring but because it’s too costly for a middle-class family or a normal person, give a think on Oval Moissanite Ring. These rings are very unique and special because each oval moissanite ring is different from the other. These rings are a little expensive in comparison with normal rings and this is only because of its uniqueness and exclusivity. Oval Moissanite Rings are also custom made i.e. you can customize your rings according to your preferences. There are many oval moissanite rings which are antique rings but you can do modifications as per your preference and add a touch of modernity.

Oval moissanite rings are a great alternative for diamond rings because of their uniqueness and price in comparison with diamonds. Everyone can afford it for a special occasion like engagement, big event, or something of a similar kind.

0.71 Oval Diamond Engagement Ring G SI1 Oval Engagement Ring | Etsy

Moissanite Vs Diamond:

You should have a detailed study about the differences, looks, etc. about Moissanite and diamonds.

Round: Round moissanite looks very similar to a real diamond as the shape of both is eventually the same. You can look for the variations in weight and in measurements for marking a slight difference in both of the stones. As 8mm round moissanite is equivalent of 2 carats of a round diamond. The most important difference between the two stones that can be pointed out is Moissanite has more sparkle than diamond and moissanite gives a brighter appearance side by side.


Oval Moissanite is a bit more discernible from the diamond counterparts. The oval moissanite is a bit shorter than the traditional oval cut diamonds. As 2 carats of oval moissanite measures 9mmx 7mm and a 2 carat of diamond measures 10mm in length x 7mmin width. The advantage of an Oval Moissanite Ring is it gives more sparkle and it has very well-defined edges.

Sparkle and Fire:

The first thing anyone can notice when viewing moissanite and diamond side by side is, moissanite gives more sparkle and spectral colors than diamond. Moissanite has a great dispersion of light that’s a reason why it emits more colorful flashes of light than an excellent cut diamond. Moissanites are fiercer and more brilliant than an actual diamond.


Price is one of the most fascinating features of Moissanite. It costs just a fraction of the cost of a diamond of the same size and shape. So, this gives huge savings and more options when it comes to choosing the best ring for a special occasion which can work for you.


On the Mohs scale, moissanite gems are very high up there for their hardness. Moissanite has a score of 9.5 whereas, diamond has 10 and in comparison, some naturally occurring gems like Emerald and Sapphires have much lower scores. So, you can locate that Moissanite is extremely suitable and durable for everyday wear.

Moissanite gems are eco-friendly!

Apart from all the advantages of moissanite, moissanite gems are eco-friendly. As moissanite gems are lab created so it does not require any mining process where on the other side diamond requires a vast mining process. Some so many socially conscious designers are opposing to use or buy diamonds because of the environmental impact it has. There is a very important concept that every buyer should understand, apart from the fact that moissanite gems cost lesser than diamond, people should think about the environment that is being scraped off for diamonds.

The reach people always go for a diamond ring for the marriage ceremony or the engagement ceremony, but they should at least once think about the fact that diamond has a vast mining process and this is causing so much damage to our mother earth. You can inspire go for Oval Moissanite Rings which the way much cheaper than diamonds and these moissanite gems are called laboratory-made diamonds which are eco-friendly as it does not affect the environment at all.

Buy fast!           

So, at the end just a reminder for everyone, that if they’re an alternative to make your dream come true and do not harm our mother earth then, buy Oval Moissanite Rings which are laboratory-made and doesn’t cost so much like a diamond while emitting a bit more sparkle and fieriness than a real diamond. But, just make sure one thing that you know every difference between a real diamond ring and Oval Moissanite Ring and not make any mistake while looking for a real diamond or a moissanite gem. So, if a special occasion is coming soon then go and grab your Oval Moissanite Ring, which is best for you in a lesser cost and if you were wondering about buying a real diamond ring and was not able to buy because of the price then just look like these laboratory-made gems known as moissanite, so go and make your dream real with Oval Moissanite Ring in your figure!

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