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Rare Manhood Rash: Meet Lichen Nitidus

Manhood rash is a very common occurrence among men, and also the possible causes are lots of – jock itch, eczema, allergic attack, balanitis, skin psoriasis, social illnesses, and much more. Guys thinking about maintaining good manhood health wish to be certain to recognize and treat reasons for manhood rash, that is laudable. For that man seeking complete manhood care, this is info on lichen nitidus, a fortunately rare reason for manhood rash.

About lichen nitidus

Lichen nitidus may cause men organ rash, nevertheless its effects aren’t always restricted to the member. This rash can be found around the sacks, chest, abdomen and arms.

When it comes to appearance, lichen nitidus presents as small (usually 1-2 mm) bumps, which are usually shiny and flat-capped. Coloration is comparable to flesh or includes a reddish hue. Individuals with light skin may usual to pink bumps individuals with more dark skin may usual to bumps which are a lighter shade compared to surrounding skin. They have a tendency to provide in large clusters, frequently in something of the line.

While lichen nitidus may seem anywhere around the manhood, it’s more often limited towards the mind from the organ.


If your man should have men organ rash, lichen nitidus is among the “better” ones to possess. Since the bumps are extremely small and they are near to the colour of the nearby skin, they aren’t as noticeable as numerous others. They actually don’t result in the unwelcome statement that, say, midsection warts do. Still, lots of men feel uncomfortable when any manhood rash exists, worried that it could make their most favorite appendage look less attractive to someone.

In addition, there’s the issue of itching. This specific manhood rash doesn’t have an excessively strong itch factor connected by using it, however it does demand to become scratched occasionally.

How come a man have it?

The good thing is that lichen nitidus is neither a social disease nor an indicator connected having a social disease. If this seems around the member, it doesn’t mean a guy now needs to bother with the hygiene of latest partners, nor about contacting his partners to alert them to the infectious situation.

It is also not contagious. Someone who handles or perhaps is permeated through the manhood doesn’t have to fret this benign condition continues to be forwarded to them.

Unhealthy news is the fact that doctors don’t figure out what causes it. It will appear to become associated with activation of white-colored bloodstream cells, but precisely what causes this activation isn’t obvious. As pointed out, this can be a rare disorder, one that’s so uncommon there hasn’t been much real research done onto it. It will seem to occur mainly in youngsters and youthful adults, therefore it appears to become something a guy “grows from.Inches


Because lichen nitidus is benign and doesn’t cause any real problems (apart from appearance and a few itchiness), many doctors advise against treatment. The problem generally disappears of their own accord following a couple of several weeks it leaves no traces, for example scarring. However, it may recur.

When treatment methods are suggested, it’s frequently by means of corticosteroids, vit a, antihistamines or light box therapy.

When the manhood rash brought on by lichen nitidus results in excess itchiness, utilization of an excellent manhood health crème (health care professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, that is proven mild and safe for skin) might help. By making use of a crème having a high-finish emollient (for example Shea butter) along with a natural hydrating agent (for example e vitamin), your skin could be re-moisturized, which frequently helps decrease itchiness. Many superior crèmes also contain vit a, that is commonly used in management of lichen nitidus. The vitamin’s antibacterial qualities have the additional advantage of dampening undesirable manhood odor.a

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