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Online Innoaesthetics products

Online innoaesthetics products have a huge product variety inclusive of aesthetic mesotherapy merchandise and skin care merchandise to in shape each physicians and end-users. All merchandise is powerful scientific and dermatological answers to deal with extraordinary forms of pores and skin worries and to enhance the general pores and skin condition.

Its TDS line gives super transdermal answers to save you and deal with symptoms and symptoms of pores and skin getting old and different pores and skin worries on each the face and the frame. 

All merchandise includes specific mixtures of energetic elements that by skip the stratum corneum and attain the deeper layers of the pores and skin. 

The energetic elements are hereby launched within side the focused area. 

All answers within side the TDS line may be used with mesotherapy, micro-needling, or derma curler to acquire the satisfactory effects. Results with Innoaesthetics that are immediate and affords seen and herbal effects from the primary consultation without a downtime. The answers are made without a preservative and are sterile.

The Derma line is designed to offer a base for day by day skin care exercises in addition to behave as adjuvant for expert remedies. The derma merchandise put together the pores and skin earlier than an aesthetics remedy and assists to extend the effects. 

The line holds face and frame remedies appropriate for all pores and skin types. Furthermore, all merchandise encompasses a brand new generation that improves the combination of the actives and conveys them to the goal institution of cells to acquire the satisfactory effects.

Handling of aesthetic prescribed drugs? 

Nordic Medical Solutions has a preferred technique for all items acquired that’s defined in current SOP´s. If items are brought in keeping with documentation and commonplace, they may be quarantined till a 2d manipulate is carried out in which the subsequent is being managed: 

  • The product call, electricity and size 
  • Form 
  • Batch number 
  • Expiry 
  • Suppliers call and address 
  • Temperature throughout transport 
  • Damages 

When those controls are carried out and commonplace the products are registered within side the warehouse control structures and saved in keeping with the products unique garage requirements.

How do you save aesthetic prescribed drugs?

All prescribed drugs are stored with the life of bloodless garage managed room (2-8°C) and ambient garage area; the objects are being dealt with efficiently in keeping with their characteristics. 

Daily reporting and controlling are performed in each the cool garage room and the ambient room to guarantee accurate temperature. Our warehouse is established and authorized through the Danish fitness government and are absolutely compliant with EU and Danish GDP guidelines.

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