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The Different Types of Light for Your Home

Want to improve the lighting in your home?

Lighting plays with our perception, creating unique experiences and sensations. It has the ability to create an atmosphere, which brings interior design projects to life. With the various types of light fixtures, you can improve the function, efficiency, and aesthetic functions.

Proper lighting significantly impacts how you feel, move, and see in your space. You can also simplify the things you do at your home and save some cash when using the right lights. So, here are three types of light that you should start using for your home today:

General/Ambient Lighting

General or ambient lighting is the most essential of the three main types of lighting. Its purpose is to provide the overall glow for the entire space. Aside from setting the room’s tone, general lighting emits enough light for you to move and see comfortably.

For your indoor lighting, you can use a chandelier, ceiling-mounted fixture, LED downlights, wall-mounted fixtures, and track lights. You can use a spotlight, wall lighting, hanging fixtures, and post lantern lighting for your outdoor lighting. Consider getting LED lights with warmer color temperatures for a warm and welcoming feel and look.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is much smaller and more concentrated, so it can help you accomplish certain tasks. This type of lighting allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs. Its main goals are to prevent eye strain, limit shadows, and reduce glare.

Task lighting is ideal for spaces where you cook, read, work, study, sewing, and so on. It’s the best lighting to stimulate your brain, allowing you to be more concentrated and alert on your tasks. Popular types of task lighting fixtures include pendants, under cabinet, swing arm lamps, and under-cabinet lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is mainly for decorative and aesthetic purposes. It provides a concentrated light to bring your eyes to its focal point. You can use it to draw attention to artworks, architectural features, and unique design elements.

This type of lighting also highlights outdoor features like your garden, plants, or outdoor architectural design. A general rule of accent lighting is that it should emit a light that’s at least three times stronger than your general lighting. Accent lighting fixtures include slim bar lines, track lights, directional fixtures, tape lights, and extrusion.

Want lights that can work as all of the three types of light? Check out Ellumiglow for the best quality LED strip lights.

Brighten Your Home With Various Types of Light

Lighting plays a huge role in illuminating your space, allowing you to carry out certain tasks. You can’t fully experience and enjoy the architectural features of your home with lighting. Using these types of lights allows you to change the mood of a room, letting you comfortably go around your home.

If you want to learn more about improving the lighting in your home, consider checking out the rest of our guides. You can also explore different topics, from health to technology to gaming.

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