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How to Spot Quality Cigars: A Basic Guide

If you walk into one of the 2,000 cigar lounges in this country, you’ll instantly be surrounded by more cigars than you can even count. There are so many different types of cigars that are available to those who enjoy smoking cigars.

If you’ve known how to smoke a cigar for a long time now, you probably understand how to spot quality cigars without a problem. But if you’re just starting to smoke cigars for the first time, you might not know the difference between good cigars and bad ones.

We’ve put together a quick cigars for beginners guide to show you how to pick out quality cigars. Check it out below and use it the next time you’re in the market for a cigar.

Great Draw

When you’re smoking cigars, you should always pay close attention to how much smoke you’re able to draw from it. If you aren’t getting enough, it means that a cigar was packed too tight, and if you’re getting too much, it means it was packed too loose.

You need a cigar to be packed right in between those two extremes. And all quality cigars fit this description. They’ll provide you with the perfect draw every single time.

Even Burn and Long Ash

Quality cigars will do more than just set you up with the perfect draw. They’ll also burn evenly throughout the course of you smoking them and leave a very long ash behind.

It doesn’t matter how big or small that a cigar is. As you can see in this cigar size guide, great cigars come in all shapes and sizes.

But what does matter is that a cigar provides you with a nice even burn and at least one full inch of ash before it falls off on its own.

Consistent Taste

At the end of the day, all you should have to do is taste a cigar to know whether or not it’s a quality cigar. If it has a consistent taste to it and if that taste is a good one, then you most likely have a quality cigar on your hands.

If a cigar ever tastes bitter or, worse, if it makes you feel like you have heartburn, that’s not a very good cigar. You’ll want to steer clear of smoking cigars like this one and go with a better one instead.

Make Sure You Only Smoke Quality Cigars

Life is too short to get stuck smoking cigars that are low-quality. It’s why you should keep your eyes peeled for quality cigars and insist on smoking them.

Just because popular cigars are popular doesn’t mean they’re going to be the right options for you. Only you can decide which cigars will be your best option based on the different factors that we just laid out.

Would you like to obtain some other tips on picking out and smoking cigars? Read through more of the articles posted on our blog to find them!

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