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How to Find Reliable Car Transport Services: A Guide

Cars are a staple for households across the country, with 91.3% of households owning at least one car. There’s no better way to start the new year than with a brand new car. The only problem is what car to buy and how to get it to where you are.

Car dealers and manufacturers aren’t the only ones who ship cars. There are plenty of reliable car transport services that transport cars all over the country. The car transport industry is booming, which means everyone is inching for a piece of the cake.

If you’re looking for a company to transport your car, you might be overwhelmed by the plethora of options. This begs the question, how do you find a reliable car transport service?

Keep reading to find out.

Consider the Cost of Transporting Your Car

We don’t want to jump the gun, but cost should be among the first things to consider when picking a car transport service. You probably spent a bundle on your car and you don’t want to spend too much on shipping. This makes total sense, but there’s a lot to think about when it comes to shipping prices.

First, you don’t want to settle for a company with the cheapest quotes. Cheap car services might skimp out on their quality of service. This will translate to delays, accidental car damage, and other negative consequences.

Instead, you should find a shipping company with reasonable quotes that align with your budget. Remember, if you want to get your car faster, you’ll have to pay extra. Most companies should be able to furnish you with a free quote on request to help with your budgeting.

Look at the Company’s Staff

The attitude and demeanor of a company’s staff members speak a lot about the company in question. You want a company with respectable staff members that are committed to handling your requests and answering your queries. Rude and unpleasant staff members are a huge red flag and a sign of bad things to come.

Another indicator that you’re dealing with the wrong company is staff members that don’t keep their promises. Staff members who lie so you can take action and don’t deliver on their promises is a sign of an unreliable car shipping company. Remember, the staff are a reflection of the company’s culture and code of ethics.

Check the Company’s License Status

All transportation companies in the country need to have an MC number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA). Make sure you search the MC number for every car transport company you consider.

If the search returned “Not Authorized” in red, you may be dealing with an illegitimate company.

Ask Whether the Company Has a Tracking System

A tracking system helps keep track of the movement of your car during transportation. It helps lessen the anxiety of shipping your car, letting you know when to expect the car. Make a point of asking the car transport company whether they have a comprehensive tracking system.

Aside from the car’s position, the tracking system should also let you know the car’s condition. Plus, the company should give you the driver’s phone number, so you can keep in touch throughout the entire shipment.

Check Out Reviews and Testimonials About the Company

The best way to know whether you’re dealing with a reputable company is by checking online reviews and testimonials. These reviews recount what experiences previous clients had with the company. They’ll tell you whether you’re dealing with a reliable company or a sub-par one.

When it comes to reviews, be careful with reviews that you find on the company’s site. Some of these reviews may be written by the company itself. For honest and unbiased reviews, check out authority review sites like the BBB or Yelp.

The reviews will help you find a company that suits your specific needs. For instance, some car transport companies are famous for having seamless and affordable senior citizens shipping for the elderly.

Ask About Safety

The slightest defect or signs of damage on a brand new car can be gut-wrenching for most people. Don’t blame the manufacturers for these defects and damages, blame the car shipping company instead. Ask the shipping company what measures they put in place to ensure your car arrives in pristine condition.

Also, do your research on whether the car transport company has a history of cheating on logbooks. Ask about their insurance information and the transportation equipment they use. If the company cheats on their logbooks and lacks insurance, they’ll likely cut corners when it comes to safety.

Talk to a Company Representative

Arrange a phone call or face-to-face meeting with one of the company’s representatives. During the conversation, you can ask all pressing questions regarding the services. You can inquire about their charges, methodology, transportation duration, and any other questions.

Talking to a company rep allows you to get all the answers to your questions. You also get a firm idea of how the company staff behaves. You should be able to make a more informed decision after speaking to a representative.

Check the Company’s Experience

You can never go wrong with an experienced vehicle transport company. That’s why it’s important to ask the company how many years they’ve been in the company. This is a good indicator of how much experience they have shipping cars.

Aside from the number of years in the business, inquire about how many clients the company has dealt with before. Check whether they’ve worked with any major companies, which is always a good sign. Also, request the company to give you any referrals that you can speak to and know what the company is about.

Finding a Reliable Car Transport Service Made Easy

The information above should make finding a reliable car transport service a cakewalk. Make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you’re looking for a company to ship your new car.

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