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How To Light Portraits perfectly

When we go to photograph people, we can simply make a portrait or, more specifically, make a photo to highlight the makeup or the hairstyle. In this case, we call the photo of beauty. Although in both cases we are photographing people, the lighting changes a little. In the photo of beauty, the lighting is a bit more standardized, as it has to illuminate the face of the model well to show the makeup well. Light portrait photography is a bit more flexible; it allows for more shadows and volumes. But that does not mean we can not use portrait lighting for beauty or vice versa. In photography, everything is possible depending on the photographer’s intention.

As a photographer, when you are shooting a portrait, you have to make sure that you get the best angles of the model. This can only be illuminated if there are and other features that you should be interested in includes;

·         Hair

The hair looks better when partially backlit, giving some shine.

·         Forehead

Unless you have a hair shadow, the forehead tilt may reflect strong lighting and look and appear too exposed. Here diffused light can reduce this problem.

·         Eyes

Usually, need a good fill of shade to avoid that they are very dark.

·         Nose

There are no special problems with nose lighting, although it may need to be avoided to appear too prominent. A strong cross-light will produce a shadow and accentuate the nose. Less obvious lighting will be more effective.

·         Apples of the Face

An important factor in the portraits. Strong, tall cheekbones are particularly photogenic.

·         Mouth

The mouth doesn’t usually cause illumination problems. We should be careful with darker lipsticks, in B & W images and also in color; it may seem, more prominent.

·         Chin

With overhead lighting, advantageous in some cases can create a large shade; it is a good idea to place a reflector under the chin.

·         Ears

If the model has big ears, only a pose change can help. A three-room pose is better than the front.

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