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How Big Sunglasses Should You Find?

Back in the day, celebrities used oversized sunglasses to get away from paparazzi and fashion statements. Today, things are almost the same, but regular people could wear them without any additional problem.

If you wish to create an appearance that will send a message loud and clear, you should implement large shades as the best approach.

You probably know that continued recognition of oversized shades is not something that came as a shock. The main reason for that is because having extensive options means that you can steal attention while adding harmony to your overall appearance.

On the other hand, they will protect you against UV rays, which is another crucial consideration to remember. If you wish to get shades that will offer you glamour and mystery without any additional hassle, you should choose diva options popular on the market.

The main question people ask while searching for the best course of action is how big is too big.

The Process of Choosing a Perfect Pair of Oversized Shades

The main idea is to style them properly, giving you a chance to look both classy and relaxed, which is vital to remember. However, if you overdo it, the results will be the opposite.

If you choose too big, you will create a silly moment that will affect your appearance. You will resemble a teen who wanted to wear mommy’s glasses, which is not appealing to people around you. As soon as you check out more about Tom Ford Glasses, you will understand which ones are best for your needs.

The Shape of Your Face

You should know that appearance and beauty depend on symmetry or balance. Therefore, you should find popular and trendy shades that will highlight your best characteristics while reducing the ones you do not wish to showcase to others.

  • Square – For people that have square faces, you should find frames that will flatter your angular moments while creating symmetry at the same time. Therefore, we recommend choosing the ones that feature curved edges and soft angles that will contrast with your natural characteristics. The best option you can choose for this face shape includes cat-eye frames with sloped brow lines and deep lenses.
  • Round – Having this face shape means you should think opposite of the one mentioned above. Remember that a single misstep can lead to severe problems by revealing your unwanted and unappealing attributes. If you wish to get the best results, we recommend avoiding round and bulky rims because they will provide you with a visual weight that will neglect your features. Instead, it would be best to create a contrast and showcase your characteristics if you got angular options. The best options include clubmaster, wayfarer, cat-eye, and rectangular shades.
  • Oblong – Even though oversized shades can look good to almost anyone, you should know that they are perfect for oval faces. Using exaggerated, dramatic, and large lenses, you can balance your slimmed features and provide your face with more excellent symmetry than before. The best option is to find the ones that will slightly go past your head. We are talking about retro round, hexagonal, angular, square, and modern aviator options.

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