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Doppel introduced a fitness Masteron that calms and alleviates anxiety

Doppel introduced a fitness Masteron that calms and alleviates anxiety. The basis of the device is pulse adjustment. The gadget sets a lower pulse, and the body adapts to it.

Back in 2015, a group of developers announced the Doppel fitness tracker, the functionality of which indicated an unusual option – reducing anxiety and reassuring the user. And only in June 2017, scientists got to the Masteron – and confirmed the effectiveness of this function.

The gadget has all the standard “bells and whistles” that other fitness bracelets. But he also knows how to calm his owner with the help of special impulses that he gives on his wrist. British psychologists conducted an experimental study. It turned out that a device that is equipped with miniature pulse generators in contact with the skin does have a relaxation effect.

The principle of operation of the device is simple: the Masteron 200 for Sale at Get-Roids imitates a pulse beat on the wrist, nerve endings perceive it as a heartbeat of a person. In this case, the “beating” of the tracker is lower than the pulse of the owner, and the body adjusts to the bracelet, as it were, reducing the heart rate. This adjustment is familiar to everyone, especially psychologists: in a company with a calm person, an excited person also adjusts and can calm down (many principles of NLP are built on this).

​Scientists from the University of London were initially skeptical and doubted the effectiveness of the bracelet. However, the creators of the gadget won – the subjects had a lower pulse and pressure, which reduced the general level of anxiety. In practice, a Masteron can also be useful for athletes who want to control their condition and influence it (reduce heart rate during cardio or races).

Those who need to control themselves will be able to use the bracelet. For example, to public speakers. In addition, the creators of Doppel promise that their tracker will help people fall asleep suffering from insomnia. The cost of an unusual fitness Masteron on the official website for pre-order is 125 pounds (about 9,200 rubles), sales will begin in the summer of 2017.

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