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Belyashi A Great Pasty Dish!

Belyashi – Preface:

Belyashi is a one – person fried dough . It has been made from yeast dough or unleavened dough , and filled by meat and chopped onion . in the past baked meat was used , but then the use of raw meat became common . Also people who don’t like meat or are vegetarian they use potato or quark instead of meat . in some cases the dough is also stuffed with cabbage . Belyashi was first cooked in Russia . Usually it has been served warm or hot . Belyashi’s main ingredient is meat and dough . Of course depending on the taste of the intermediate ingredients can be changed .


After filling the dough with the material in the middle , a window opens to reveal the middle material .

Of course , like donuts , this window is not dough on either side , created only on one side , almost like Russian Vatrushka .

This days meaty Belyashi is common . There are other types of Belyshia with out holes too . Like Pirozhki and Chiburekki . Belyashi is a common street food in the area . I highly recommend you learn this delicious cooking magic , I mean Belyashi ! Its Tatar and Bashkir food . tell you this is not an ordinary cake . in the past , Russian cooks did not know how to fry Belyashi as well as Tatar cooks .

Eventually Russian chefs learned this method . today Belyashi is one of the most popular foods in Russia . you can find it in almost all kiosks , buffets , subways , etc . every Russia at some point in his life has made this delicious food over and over . Belyashi is a nostalgia for those born in the Soviet Union . use Babushka homemade recipe to make old Belyashi . some people tend to make a lot of Belyashi when they come together in the summer and eat it with a cold lemonade or hot tea . the taste of juicy meat is excellent with tea and lemonade .


Notable points :

true Belyashi’s recipe is easy but cooking these food has some secrets .

1 ) one trick is how to fry it to have watery and soft Belyashi .

2 ) how to make the dough is important . to increase the quality of the dough moisten your hands , so that the dough doesn’t stick to your hands .

belyashi epersianfood

The way to make Belyashi :

Mix lukewarm water , yeast , flour , melted butter , eggs , a little sugar and salt . ( salt and sugar are useful for yeast work . ) then knead dough until all the ingredients are well mixed . then we put the Belyashi’s dough in the fridge for an hour . after the dough volume increased spread it on a surface with a pinch . divide the dough into equal portions . be careful about the adhesion of the dough , water next to your hand is a must . remove slices of dough and spread it , next put whatever material you have prepared insde dough . roll up the sides in the middle and fry Belyashi until golden . let it get cold then served Belyashi with your favorite sauce and drink with your family . make this dish and let us know what you think of it . if you find a new recipe or you made with or materials tell us also to try !

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