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Debunking the Most Common Cannabis Industry Myths That Exist Today

As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana use, it’s safe to say that the cannabis industry has never been so respectable.

But with so much change and legislation comes a lot of gossip and confusion. As a result, many people continue to repeat tired old myths and misconceptions surrounding everything from the strength of new types of marijuana strains to the legality of growing cannabis.

Want to learn the truth about some of these marijuana industry myths? Let’s take a look!

Myth: Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

FACT: A 2015 study showed that long-term use of marijuana does not kill brain cells. In fact, many of the active compounds in some of the best cannabis strains – such as those available on the Harvest House of Cannabis website – are potent antioxidants, which help to protect your brain and body from toxins.

MYTH: Legalizing Marijuana Will Increase Teen Usage

FACT: Government surveys analyzed marijuana teen usage data in 32 of the 36 states with medical marijuana (MMJ) laws. In 23 of these states, usage decreased, while only one state showed an increase in teen usage outside the confidence interval. Other studies into marijuana usage among teens have also confirmed no sign of an increase.

Myth: Cannabis Is a “Gateway Drug”

FACT: Marijuana has long been blamed for leading to the use of other drugs. In reality, where people use both cannabis and other drugs, there is evidence of correlation rather than causation. That is to say, using cannabis does not lead people to use illicit drugs.

Many studies do, however, suggest that medical marijuana could be a safer alternative to many pharmaceutical prescriptions, such as opioids. As the US opioid crisis shows, there’s a lot of evidence that prescription opioids can and do lead to addiction and even illicit drug use.

MYTH: Marijuana Is Much Stronger Now

FACT: The ‘strength’ of marijuana relates to the quantity of THC. Pure, 100 percent THC is a legal prescription drug in the US. As such, all medical marijuana is less potent than this FDA-approved medicine.

What’s more, medical marijuana with a higher THC content means patients can take fewer doses to achieve the same effect. For patients in extreme discomfort, taking fewer but more concentrated doses can provide more relief.

MYTH: Growing Cannabis Is Still Illegal

FACT: While growing cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, people can now grow cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in 18 states and Washington DC. A further 18 states have made it legal to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes only.

But, don’t think that you need a green thumb to grow your own cannabis. Many cultivation experts agree that as long as you have the best cannabis seeds, even beginners can grow a great crop.

Debunking Cannabis Industry Myths

Even though the cannabis industry has changed a lot in recent years, these old myths and misconceptions about marijuana are hard to shake.

But, with more and more states making it legal to consume cannabis for recreational purposes, it’ll be a lot easier for you to sort the facts from the fiction in the future!

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