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Business set up with Meydan Free Zone

Business owners in Dubai can now set up or expand their business in Dubai with Meydan Free Zone. Located close to downtown, Dubai, it is a designated economic zone that offers business set-up services with tax-friendly benefits, credibility, and proximity to the city and also empowers budding entrepreneurs and businesses. The free zone offers a low-cost set-up and a range of office spaces to choose from.

Dubai is well known as a global trade hub and as per a global survey; the Emirate is one of the top global cities for business setup. It is an ideal destination that connects east and west and offers a business-friendly technological advanced solution to new business start-ups. Meydan free zone reduces the burden for entrepreneurs to set up or grow their business by being operational 24*7. It also abides by the recent advancements in laws that state 100 per cent foreign ownership, tax exemptions, easy visa services for dependents, and capital repatriation with no restrictions.

The Meydan free zone is a platform that makes the process of start-up easy from licensing to visas and much more. The Meydan Free Zone is 100 per cent digital which means it offers business owners quick services through its digital portal. Meydan Pay App is the first and only platform that exclusively enables new businesses established under Meydan free zone to get an instant and guaranteed IBAN with a license.

There are many additional services provided to all the businesses under Meydan free zone such as:

  • Tax and accounting
  • Website development
  • Phone answering
  • Legal support
  • Digital marketing
  • Mail management
  • Administrative services

The Meydan free zone in Dubai extensively supports start-ups and global businesses with exceptional talent and entrepreneur expertise to grow and expand their business beyond borders. To enhance business and lifestyle, different opportunities are provided to entrepreneurs to network with the help of events in the zone that include potential partners, new customers, business seminars, and interaction between members. The vision of the Meydan free zone is to stimulate the economy by attracting more foreign direct investment into UAE as well as supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs locally.

Meydan Free Zone supports more than 1500 business activities across media, retail, wholesale, service, and consultancy. All the businesses under the Meydan free zone operate under a Limited Liability Company License issued by the free zone which means business owners have freedom and flexibility to operate within UAE.

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