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Best business ideas of year 2022

Local businesses have had to adapt to new technological trends to offer innovative products and services that help overcome the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. In this article, we present four startup ideas that will be a trend in 2022, which can be implemented in a world context that is constantly changing.

1. Pet Supplies

Companion animals are a fundamental part of families, so investing in their pet care and well-being has become a necessity. This increases the business opportunity in the sale of food, accessories, aesthetics, application of vaccines and pension services for pets. 

2. Private training and tutorials

The creation of personalized courses and tutorials to improve the academic or professional performance of people is a profitable undertaking , because sharing knowledge does not require much investment, it can be carried out in person or online, and it is useful for working independently . 

3. Healthy lifestyle

The pandemic has led us to pay more attention to our physical and mental health, so leading a healthy lifestyle is a daily task that helps prevent diseases and long-term complications. Some businesses that promote this lifestyle are fitness services that offer training to improve physical health and the sale of organic products or equipment to exercise at home. 

4. Beauty and personal care

During social distance, people sought to look and feel good from home , so now that face-to-face activities are picking up pace, a business that responds to this need can be started. For example, the sale of beauty products, skin care creams, jewelry and clothing. 

  1. Twitch popularity 

Twitch has been booming lately, and the main reason behind the popularity of twitch is its algorithm, you can easily become popular with ease. Some even go to greater extent to buy twitch followers, which grants them a new wave of popularity on the platform and have more views. Keep in mind that getting a good start is very important. If you don’t have a good jump-start in the strategy, then you may be doomed for a failure.

Digital strategies to start a business 

The growth of some businesses during the pandemic has generated business lessons that can be applied by people who want to start a business: 

  • Ecommerce. According to data from Statista, it is estimated that in 2022 there will be 64 million digital buyers compared to 57.5 million in 2021, so ecommerce will continue to represent an important source of income for startups.
  • Payment options. Providing different payment solutions helps build the trust and credibility of a business. There are digital tools, 
  • Multi-channel marketing. To publicize a business, different digital platforms can be used , for example, social networks, email marketing, websites, etc. 

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