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Arizona in Autumn: 4 Great Things About Living Here in the Fall

If you’ve only been to Arizona in the summer or winter: you’re missing one of the best seasons this state sees.  Fall in Arizona is the best time to visit because everything feels entirely different.  The weather’s cooler, things are greener, and there are countless things to do and see.

These are four awesome things about living in Arizona in the fall and why so many people want to move here.

Temperatures Hit the Comfortable 70s

As scorching summer temperatures finally end, fall is a refreshing 70 degrees for most of the season.  This refreshing temperature allows you to get outside and do all of the things that summers are usually known for.  On top of this, they’re often dry after the monsoon season, which ensures you don’t have to worry about a rainy day ruining your perfect weather.  These temperatures last for two to three months before it drops into truly chill temperatures for the winter: so it’s a good idea to savor them!  Although nights are colder than daytime temperatures, it’s worth it! 

The Second Growing Season

Arizona has two main growing seasons.  These are in the spring, when some rain and snow may have fallen to get the ground ready: and then the fall.  The monsoon season runs through the summer, getting the soil wet, and in the fall, when temperatures drop: things can finally grow.  Once the temperature dips into that comfortable range, you can grow enough vegetables to keep your family happy through the winter.  Squash, broccoli, and spinach grow incredibly well here, and you can grow a full garden’s worth of blackberries.

Fantastic Hiking and Exploring

Hiking and exploring the state is one of the best parts of fall.  Now that the sun isn’t so hot and the rainy season has passed, people can stop hunting for apartments for rent in Phoenix and go enjoy the outdoors for a while.  There are countless mountains, canyons, paths, and caves to explore- each giving you the chance to keep active and let your mind relax for a while.

This ensures that fall is the best time for a work-life balance since you’ll feel more driven to go out and explore than you would otherwise! 

Fewer Tourists and Snowbirds

In the summer, tons of tourists come from around the world to explore Arizona, and in the winter, snowbirds head down to escape from the freezing temperatures of their snowed-in homes: in the fall, the state is free of tourism.  You get to enjoy awesome football games, take in the views, and go road-tripping, all without having to deal with people from out of state crowding the attractions.  

Although Arizona loves its tourists and snowbirds, there’s something wonderful about finally getting the state to those who live here and letting the dust settle for a while.

Arizona is a Dream Year Round

If you love fantastic weather and want the most out of your vacation: it’s time to head to Arizona in the fall.  This is one of the best states for a fall vacation and a great place to go year round! 

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