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A story of a loveless marriage – kshanakshanam

It will be correct to say that the Telugu film industry is one of the busiest film industries in the country. The year 2020 was not good. But it was the Telugu industry that started the film-making in the worst situation with minimum cast and crew. The dedication level of the crew members for the films reflects in their movies. During the year, many films were under production. Those films which were completed found difficulties in finding the right channel for their release. There were multiple reasons for the surge in the industry but still, it continues to entertain the audiences in the best possible way. The reopening of theatres with 50% occupancy at the end of the year brought some hope. The south audience might appear in the theatres to watch the films but, the response was not as earlier. During that time, OTT platforms played a vital role. They became a channel to bring the movie to the audience. Various films based on love, crime, comedy, and drama were still available for the audience to watch. Telugu new movies online were still available online or on the OTT platforms. One of the latest films based on loveless marriage is KshanaKshanam. Let’s see the details of the film.

The film KshanaKshanam is a thriller movie based on unhappy marriage life and extra-marital affairs. The release date of the film is 26th February 2021. KarthikMedikonda has directed the film and co-produced it with DrWarlu, DrMannamChandramouli. The film’s star cast includes Uday Shankar, Jia Sharma, Raghu Kunche, Ravi Prakash, Shruthi Singh, and Koti. The music is composed by Roshan Salur.

Plot: The film is about a couple of Satya (Uday Shankar) and Preethi (Jia Sharma). Both are orphans, and they get married. But the woman is a money-minded lady and is not happy with the earnings of the Satya. He even suffers losses in his business. After getting frustrated with all this, he joins a dating app. There he meets a married woman Maya (Shruti Singh). She invites him to her home, and the twist in the story comes when he finds the woman dead inside. What will happen to Satya? Whether he will get out of this mess? What will be the reaction of Preethi when she comes to know about it? All this forms the base of the story.

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