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What To Do When You’ve Broken a Bone

The human body has 206 bones, and it’s important they all stay intact. A bone fracture is a stressful experience that restricts your mobility for weeks or months, and may even stop you from working. If you think you’ve broken a bone, you must act appropriately to make the healing process as quick and painless as possible.

Early Measures

While traumatic injuries take time to clarify, one sign of a break is an audible snap or cracking sound at the time of the incident. This is soon followed by severe swelling. The pressure produced by acute inflammation can be as painful as the injury itself, but may be reduced by elevating and applying intermittent cycles of ice to the affected area.

Medical Attention

If there’s no improvement by the next day, it’s time to visit your nearest urgent care clinic or emergency room. Expect that X-rays will be ordered to reveal any fractures. Based on the results, a physician will suggest a treatment plan, which you should follow as closely as possible. This will probably require a period of complete rest for the injured region. To guarantee nonuse, the area around the fracture may be stabilized with a brace, splint or cast. Coordinate with family and friends to help with tasks you can’t manage during your injury. Also, notify your workplace ASAP, preferably with documentation from your doctor.

Final Treatment

As you finish the first phase of healing, the focus of your treatment will shift toward rehabilitation. A regimen of physiotherapy Burlington ON may be recommended to help the healed region regain normal usage. In an initial consultation, a therapist will test your natural movement, strength and range of motion. From there, therapists can create a plan to restore the region to its previous function. However, for this to happen, your therapy program must be strictly observed. Doing your exercises might hurt at first, but the pain should slowly decrease with time and practice.

Suffering a broken bone is never a short ordeal. Following doctors’ orders is your best strategy for a speedy recovery.

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