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4 Ways To Be a Better Host for Overnight Guests

Overnight guest hosting can be a great way to show some love to out-of-town family and friends, but it can be tricky to know exactly what to do to ensure that they have a good stay. Here are a few ways you can make sure your next vistors have the best stay yet.

  1. Stock Extras

One of the first things you should have on hand for overnight guests is definitely a spare key. The key solutions Orlando offers provide plenty of options to make the key duplication process as easy as possible. In addition to spare keys, it’s wise to stock other extras such as toiletries, blankets, snacks and towels. Corral these things together in one convenient place so your guest can help themselves to the items as needed.

  1. Clean Thoroughly

To ensure that your guests feel right at home, go ahead and give the house a good thorough cleaning. Floors, bathrooms and surfaces should be spick and span before your company arrives. Check that their bed, futon or cot is made with fresh sheets and blankets as well. If they will be staying for a longer period of time, you might consider giving some attention to other common areas of your home (such as your kitchen) that are likely to be utilized by long-term visitors.

  1. Plan Meals

Depending on your guests’ needs, you might plan to have simply have some coffee, grab-and-go snacks or easy self-serve breakfast items on hand for them in the morning. If your visitors will spending early evenings with you as well, you might consider picking up some extra groceries and inviting them to join you for a few dinners during their stay.

  1. Communicate Plans

The nature of your visitors’ trip (business, pleasure or otherwise) will likely dictate how much time they can commit to spending with you. Be sure to have a conversation with guests in advance so you both can plan your schedules accordingly. Even if their plans are still a little tentative, a simple dialogue will help you get on the same page so you can make the most of the time they are staying with you.

Being a good host often boils down to simply being prepared. Stocking the right items for guests, planning meals appropriately, preparing your space and communicating about schedules will help ensure you both enjoy the days or weeks of you sharing your home.

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