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What’s the Real Cost of Cremation in 2022?

Say goodbye to the traditional coffin in the ground. Cremation is becoming much more popular as a burial option in the United States. Many people opt for cremation due to the cost difference and the creativity that you can have when it comes to your remains.

Have you ever wondered about the cost of cremation when you plan for your funeral? Here is a brief guide to the cremation process and cremation costs associated with it.

The Cremation Process

When it comes to the actual process of cremation, the cost can vary significantly. Expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a cremation. Even if you have money left over, it is always better to over-budget when it comes to your funeral plans.

If you want a cheaper option, then you should try direct cremation. These can start at only a few hundred dollars, and they still cover the preparation of the body, the cremation, and paperwork such as the death certificate.

Picking Out an Urn

After you decide on your cremation process, the next step is to choose an urn that works for you. Urns for ashes come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials and designs.

Some of the most popular urn materials are ceramic and glass. If you want to give your remains to a loved one to hold onto after death, then you should think about including them in this decision as well. Most urns cost between 100 and 500 dollars.

You also have the option to not go with an urn at all. For instance, if you want your ashes scattered somewhere, then an urn may not be a good investment.

Urn Sizes

The size of the urn that you need also dictates the price. For instance, if you weigh a lot more, then you may need a bigger size to accommodate all of your remains. This will increase the cost of the urn overall.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost for Cremations?

In general, funerals for cremated remains still end up costing less than with a traditional casket burial. You will not have to pay for services such as embalming, and caskets can add thousands of dollars onto your bill.

If you get cremated, then a memorial service may be a good way to go. You can have your friends and family celebrate your life without having to bury you in the ground.

The Cost of Cremation Varies

If you want to get cremated when you pass away, then you should be able to have a rough estimate of how much it will cost. With this guide, you and your loved ones can figure out the cost of cremation so that you do not leave them in a lurch.

Would you like to learn more about planning your cremation process and how to save on funeral costs? Check out our site for answers to any questions that you may have.

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