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What You Need To Know About Your Car’s Suspension System

One of the most critical systems in your car that allows you to experience a comfortable ride and maximizes the performance of your vehicle is the suspension system. It sits between the road and the frame of your car and has many working parts in it.

What Does a Suspension System Do?

Absorbing impacts from bumps in the road is one of the main jobs of the suspension system, but it also provides precision handling by creating friction between the road and your tires. Some of the components support the weight of your vehicle and others contribute to the stability. As parts wear out over time, you can order oem replacement parts to restore the damaged areas.

Parts of Your Suspension

The suspension system is composed of a variety of parts, including coil springs, struts, control arms, ball joints, bearings, bushings, sway bars, tie rods and shock absorbers. Every part is equipped for a different job and is necessary for a fully functional car. Ball joints allow your tires to rotate, coil springs and struts provide weight support and shock absorption, sway bars and rods link various components and give you control of your vehicle and bushings prevent excess friction between moving metal parts.

How To Know if Suspension is Wearing Out

Driving with excessive bumpiness is a major sign of a worn suspension system. While this is uncomfortable it’s not a major safety hazard. However, if a control arm breaks you can immediately lose control of your vehicle. If you notice your car pulling to the side on a straightaway, the front diving when you hit the brakes or the vehicle drifting around corners, it’s time to get your car inspected before you end up in a collision.

Keep the suspension on your vehicle in top-notch condition when you have it inspected regularly. Have it checked whenever you notice a difference in the comfort of your ride or the stability of your car.

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