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What to Know before Getting Residential Metal Garages: A Guide

Getting to the point in your life where you’re able to buy your own home is an incredible achievement. You’ve saved up and worked hard, and you deserve the home you’re getting. For some people, though, the perfect house doesn’t always come with every single amenity on their wish list, like a place to work on your car.

That’s where residential metal garages come in. If you need more space, then metal garages are the way to go. Read on to learn what you need to consider before pulling the trigger on this addition to your property!

Where Do You Want Your Metal Garage?

In an ideal world, you’d be able to put your new metal garage anywhere you wanted on your property. Maybe you want it in your backyard or placed next to your home for easy access. In reality, it’s not always possible to build a metal garage wherever you want it.

Speak to your metal garage builder about your placement goals to determine viable placement options. You might have to perform some work in advance to prime a location for the building.

What Purpose Will Your Metal Garage Building Serve?

Every person who considers getting a metal garage has a number of reasons for wanting one. It’s important that you allow these reasons to guide the building process. This is because the reason for your metal garage impacts the overall size and features.

For example, if you want a metal garage to serve as your own personal auto shop, you probably want one that has plenty of space for multiple vehicles and storage for all of your tools. On the other hand, if you just want a place to park your car, you might not need as much space or additional features like windows.

Do You Need Permission to Build Residential Metal Garages?

Not all homeowners can build a residential metal garage on their properties, so it’s important for you to determine whether you need permission to build before making the purchase. People who live in places with stringent homeowner’s associations may need to seek permission from the HOA before they can even put one in their backyard.

Similarly, some cities require permits to build structures on residential properties. To verify, call up your local city hall to inquire. If your metal garage builder is local, they might also have information about whether permits are required.

Are You in Need of a Residential Metal Garage?

Residential metal garages are a great way for you to get the space you need to store your cars or create a woodworking shop without having to give up your dream home. Before you make the purchase, be sure that you have an accurate picture of where you’d like your metal garage and if you need permission to put it there. Staying informed makes the process super smooth!

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