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What is the betting procedure in Poker?

Poker is a game, which people can play in clubs and casinos. It is a game of cards in which people place their bets. After that, the cards are shown and the winner is decided.  There are many websites, which allow people to play the game free of cost and one such website is Let us see how betting is done in this game.


Betting in the game is based on chips. There are betting intervals between each deal and players bet on the basis of the cards they have. The main aim is to minimize loss if the hands have poor cards and maximizing winnings if cards are of high ranks. Each player has to contribute some amount before the game start. This amount is called the ante.

Betting interval

The betting interval starts when a player starts betting by using one or more chips. The player who is sitting left to the bettor gets the next chance to bet. In his turn, the player can use the same number of chips as the first bettor or raise the number of chips. If a player does not put any chips in the pot, he will not be able to bet until the next deal. In case, a player drops the bet, he will lose all the chips that he has put into the pot.


The current player next to the preceding bettor must put at least the same number of chips as the preceding player. If the current player is unable to do so, he should drop out and the next player sitting to his left becomes the current player.


When the bet of all the players are equal, the betting interval is over. A poker deal can have two or more betting intervals. The showdown is done after the final interval. The player who has the best poker hand wins the pot. If a player raises the chips before the showdown and no other player bets, that player wins the pot and there is no need to showdown.


There are chances when a player can remain in the game without betting and this condition is known as a check. A player can opt for check if none of the players has betted. If someone has made a bet, no player can go for a check. A payer who checks has the right to raise the bet. The bet interval is over if all the players in the game opt for the check.

Knowing when to bet

The idea of ranking the poker hands are complete math based. The player who has a high rank of cards has the chance of winning the pot. People can also make bluff in which they can bet knowing that their cards are not of high rank. A poker player must be aware of good, fair, and a bad hand. If he knows this, betting will be easy for him.

Wrapping up

Poker is a game in which players make a bet and showdown the card. The one who has the highest rank of a card or who has matching cards wins the game. The betting should be smart to win the game.

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