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What is coolsculpting ? Everything you need to know

The procedure is one of the hottest topics in plastic surgery today. You might be wondering about the cost, what it is like, and the side effects. It will also give you an idea of the preparation required. In addition, you’ll learn about the procedure’s benefits and how it can help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of.


Before undergoing the Procedure for CoolSculpting Virginia Beach, it is important to ensure that you are in good health and within your ideal body weight. You should also be active and not overweight, as a severely obese person may not be a good candidate. It is also recommended to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicines before the procedure, as they can increase bruising. It may also be necessary to take photos before the procedure. The procedure will take about 35 minutes per arm.

Results from CoolSculpting are typically noticeable after two to three months. The procedure continues to flush fat for another two to three months. Patients generally see significant improvement in their clothing fit and can continue to have the procedure performed in subsequent sessions. The procedure is not a weight loss solution, so it is not a substitute for healthy living or a healthy diet. Following a healthy diet and exercise program is essential to maintain the results.

Side effects

Some patients report minor to moderate discomfort or temporary numbness of treated areas. Patients are advised to wear loose clothes minimize discomfort. Although CoolSculpting doesn’t require downtime, patients may experience minor swelling and bruising. These side effects should resolve within a week. If necessary, patients may wish to repeat treatments to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. For best results, patients are encouraged to visit their doctor for follow-up visits.

Because CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells, some patients experience temporary swelling. It is temporary which resolves on its own after several weeks. However, the procedure can cause temporary numbness or pain. It is because the affected area may be gently suctioned before it cools. There may also be slight stinging. If you experience numbness after CoolSculpting, you can take gabapentin to alleviate the pain. In rare cases, patients may experience vasovagal symptoms, a side effect of CoolSculpting.


Considering a CoolSculpting procedure, you’ll need to determine the cost beforehand. Generally, this procedure costs approximately $2500, but you can often find lower prices by comparing providers. Some CoolSculpting providers offer financing options. The cost of the procedure depends on the level of skill the provider has, so look for board-certified practitioners. A board-certified provider will likely charge more than a less-experienced one.

The number of sessions you need for CoolSculpting depends on your desired results and the areas of the body you’d like to target. Some people choose to treat only one area, while others opt to treat several different areas. For instance, a single treatment can reduce fat on the flanks, while multiple treatments may be necessary for the inner or outer thighs. Unfortunately, the cost is largely your responsibility, for CoolSculpting is not covered by insurance.


If you’re considering a coolsculpting treatment, you should prepare yourself for the procedure by eating a light meal the night before and refraining from drinking caffeine. You can also bring a light snack and something to watch during the treatment. In addition, it would help if you tried to relax as much as possible since the procedure isn’t invasive. If you’re unsure what to expect, read on to learn more about what to expect before your appointment.

You should remove all jewelry and wear loose clothes, such as a T-shirt. It’s important to wear undergarments since the cooling gel may get on your clothing. Also, wear a rash guard and a pair of socks. You can bring a book, a podcast, or browse the internet to pass the time. Workaholics may wish to catch up on their emails and presentations.

Permanent results

The technology behind CoolSculpting uses cooling to freeze fat cells in the body. Fat cells can freeze at a higher temperature than surrounding skin and muscle. The fat cells are safe to touch, and the procedure leaves surrounding tissues unscathed. The procedure is safe, and the applicator is placed on the area of concern and produces a vacuum, delivering temperatures well below freezing. Many patients use the treatment to check their email, nap, or relax.

Permanent results with CoolSculpting are achieved with less surgery than other fat reduction options. Because CoolSculpting does not require surgery, most patients don’t feel pain during the procedure. Additionally, there’s no need for anesthesia or recovery time, making it a better choice for patients looking for non-invasive ways to reduce body fat. The procedure has several advantages, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a cure-all solution to stubborn problem areas.

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