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What Are the Different Types of Living Room Layouts That Exist Today?

From relaxing after work to entertaining friends, the living room is one of the most popular parts of the home.

One recent survey found that around 51% of Americans still prefer living rooms with an open floor plan.

Read on to learn more about the various types of living room layouts available, so you can determine which one suits your lifestyle.

Cozy Living Room Layouts

If you want to create a cozy living space, arrange your furniture closer together. This creates a conversation area where everyone can gather together. Place the sofa facing your TV set or fireplace, then arrange chairs or a loveseat on either end.

This layout is a great option for those who enjoy entertaining. It’s also a good way to put your attention on the focal point, which is typically your television or entertainment center.

To enhance the cozy layout design, add a soft area rug underneath your sofa. Accent lighting like table and floor lamps will also contribute to the warm and cozy ambiance.

Light and Open Living Room Styles

A smart homeowner knows that having plenty of space makes the living room more functional. The best living room layout should leave plenty of room in between each piece of furniture.

If your living room is large, take advantage of the square footage by placing furniture pieces further apart. You can also add a sectional to provide more seating. Sectionals make it easy to stretch out and relax while offering lots of room for guests to sit together.

An easy home renovation project that involves knocking down a wall or two will create a more open plan. Just make sure that you measure everything and come up with the exact layout design you want in advance.

Multipurpose Living Rooms

You can design living room layouts that serve many purposes in one space. The best living room is one where you can hang out and also do other things like work from home or enjoy reading a good book.

If you choose to design a multifunctional living room, make sure you define each space. Arrange office furniture or tables in one area and the main seating pieces in another. An area rug placed in different spots will make it easier to distinguish each section of the room.

Design a feature wall using a beautiful mural or some textured tile. You can view living room wall murals here for some inspiration and ideas. A feature wall also makes it easier to divide the room so you have some form of separation.

Create Your Perfect Living Space

Keep these living room layouts in mind if you’re planning to do a home makeover. With some simple updates and furniture arrangements, you’ll have a living room you can enjoy for years to come.

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