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Want to feel Crazy then make a move and watch ‘Trance’ Movie Online at Aha

You may have watched movies that contain the religious outcomes where some people perform types of religious skirts on people to get the beneficial money to get rich in their life. Aha is the one stop solution for Telugu entertainment.

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For that HD viewing purpose there are many OTT platforms where you can stream the movie with best experience. But for the ever best visualization here is the platform Aha where you can watch the movies as well as make download of the movies at aha platform. Trance is the movie where you can not only get entertained but also get the feeling that the movie will create sensation in the industry with its optimistic story.


‘Trance’ movie was directed and produced by Anwar Rasheed. The movie runs around a motivational speaker who acts as a Christian pastor as ordered by Thomas and Issac.

Actor FahadhFaasil has a brother who commits suicide and dies. After the death of his brother Fahadh comes to Mumbai to lead his life. There he meets a business person Thomas and Issac where they tell him to act as Christian pastor so that they can get money and can convert their business into a global phenomenon.  He gets trained and starts acting as pastor in a place. But one fine day with some circumstances occurred Thomas and Issac wanted to kill him. But they fail in killing him. To know what is the accurate story of the movie watch the movie ‘Trance’ online at Aha.

Artists Performances

FahadhFaasil has a lead role who acts very well according to the given role. Business persons Thomas and Issac have also had the leading role where the movie runs on them. Other artists have also acted very well to get the movie successful.

Technical Aspects

Locations have been perfectly suited to the movie as there are no critics about the locations in the movie. With the new technology based camera movie has directed the movie. Cinematography has been used very well to get the movie in a beautiful version.


  1. The movie has the best story which has created a sensation in the industry and produced the best message for the audience.
  2. Music director has composed the best music that has got him a good name with his musical hits.
  3. You are able to know how business persons are behaving with people for the sake of money and use that money for development of their business.

Cast and crew

Actor: FahadhFaasil

Actress: NazriyaNazim

Other characters: Gautham Menon, SoubinSahir

Director: Anwar Rasheed

Producer: Anwar rasheed

Music director: Vinayakan TK

Release date: 20th February 2020

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The movie Trance has the best story to entertain the audience. The role of Thomas and Issac. The songs are very well directed by the director Anwar Rasheed. You can get the idea of how the business persons are behaving with the people for the sake of money by using religious concepts.

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