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Top-level businesses in 2022 working like a charm

What are the top-level businesses in 2022 working like a charm? Here is the list of the businesses that grow like never before this year.

Invest in musicians

It’s a million-dollar business – investing in musicians. You can invest in talent and promote them in Apple music and Spotify. Buy real Apple music streams and let the organic algorithm know about the viral nature of the track. There are other marketing options that can help you cross-promote tracks.

Business plan designer

From the name you might think that this business idea is simply based on hiring a copywriter to write your business plan when you want to start a profitable business.  But this is not the case: a business plan designer is a professional who will help you shape that business idea that is only in your head at the moment. 

The key is that this professional is capable of extracting from your head that business idea —which has been around for years—, but that you have not dared to execute because you do not know how to put it into writing. And furthermore, once the business plan is written, he will also be responsible for implementing an action plan so that your business idea ends up taking shape. 

If you have a crack at marketing strategies, you can turn your ability into a business that helps other entrepreneurs to implement strategies for their business and to be able to carry them out. In the end, a business plan designer is an expert external advisor in entrepreneurship and strategic planning, who will be in charge of helping the entrepreneur so that his business idea comes to fruition.

The good thing about these innovative business ideas is that they can be monetized in various ways: 

  • Sell ​​ebooks: with the best advice on entrepreneurship, and with roadmaps so that the entrepreneur can develop their business plan following your own specific methodology. In addition, you can also offer blank templates so that the entrepreneur can fill them out and thus have a precise  work plan .
  • Sell ​​training: digital training is more fashionable than ever. Therefore, you can create courses and training programs so that your students learn your best practices when designing their own business plan. In fact, benchmarking is one of the best ways to execute a good idea, since what has worked for others should also work for those who come after. 
  • Sell ​​consulting: there are certain businesses that need the help of a business plan designer who is in charge of the entire strategy and implementing the most appropriate action plans. In fact, for those entrepreneurs who do not know how to create a company , the best idea is to ask a business plan designer who is in charge of doing this work. 


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