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Tips to Buy Gold Ring For Your Man

Gone are the days when men used to prefer flaunting their gold rings, wristlets and chains. These days; men prefer wearing only light weighted ornaments to be in their comfort zone. Also, men are interested in new fashion and styles when it comes to selecting gold rings for them. While some of them are found interested in rings that are custom made and decorated with beautiful gemstones, others are fond of the simple and sleek gold ring. These rings are available in different settings, styles and sizes and their price ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars- depending on the style chosen.

Gold is a precious yellow metal that has its own value. Investing in gold is considered as an asset. This metal symbolises spiritual power, prosperity and royalty. Also, this metal owing to its colour can go well with any skin colour which has in a way enhanced its popularity. If you look into some cultures, you will find that gold is an irreplaceable metal for them. They consider gold to be auspicious and make sure of its presence in wedding, engagements and so on.

Tips You Need To Follow When Buying Gold Ring For Men

If you are planning to buy a gold ring for your man, be it as a birthday gift or engagement or wedding; here are the tips that you need to keep in concern.

  •    Design– Rings designed for men are generally heavier as compared to rings that are meant for women. They come with a masculine and solid design and can be of any shape- rounded, ribbed, flat or even domed. For people fond of custom made gold ring, they can get embellishments on their ring to go along with the flow- the Celtic, Jigsaw or Claddagh look. Nowadays, men gold rings are made with more than one gem skilfully engraved on the same. However, there are also the ones who are tensed about wearing custom made gold rings on a daily basis as this can end up damaging the design and the texture of the ring. If you are one from this clad, worry not as your gold ring is designed following the rules hitched to making rings for men and are thus strong enough to be bent or broken.
  •    Purity– Men gold rings these days are available in various purities. You cannot have a gold ring made completely of gold as this metal is soft enough for making jewellery. Gold rings or any other gold ornaments are available in purities such as 14k, 18k or 22k. Talking of the purity of gold, it is determined by the above-mentioned number. While the lowest number means the most inferior quality gold, the highest number stands for superior quality gold.  
  •    Variety– Different types of gold rings are available today in the market. Yellow gold is considered the most timeless and popular one. In addition to the same, two alloys are put to use for making the rings. These are white gold and rose gold. While rose gold rings come with a pinkish tint, they look amazing when mixed with different precious and semi-precious stones. Coming to white gold, this carries a classy and elegant look used with different coloured gemstones to offer a different look.
  •   Care– Gold becomes softer over time. If using the ring on a regular basis, then make sure to clean the same with a piece of soft cloth or brush. If your ring turns dull, then do polish it with cleaning agents meant for gold. Gold rings meant for men require regular care.

Final Words

If looking for a best quality gold ring, then do make sure to keep all these tips in concern before you invest.

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