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Tips on Handling a Minor Car Accident

Auto accidents are exceedingly common and can happen anytime, anywhere. Even the best drivers are guilty of an occasional traffic mishap, so it is important to know what steps to follow in case of an accident.

Stay Put

Following an auto accident, it is crucial to stop your car immediately. Even if the collision seems minor, never flee the scene. Check yourself for injuries, and if doing the following is safe, confirm that all involved parties are free from harm as well. At this point, it is essential to remain calm. With safety being a top priority, try not to lament the state of your vehicle. Certified  professional at auto repair Apopka FL can restore your car in no time.

Call the Police

If anyone involved in the accident sustained injuries, promptly call 911. In the event that all parties appear safe and trauma-free, phone the local police. Upon arrival, officers will carefully survey the scene, take photos of pertinent details and question participating drivers. Further, they will write traffic reports and issue citations if needed.

In minor accidents, police involvement might seem unnecessary; however, many insurance companies will not accept a claim unless you have notified law enforcement. Additionally, if you have to attend a hearing, the police can communicate the facts and specifics of the situation to the court.

Exchange Information

Always exchange driver’s license and insurance information with the involved parties. Insurance companies require this data prior to filing a claim. Failure to gather the correct information may result in a lack of insurance coverage. The best way to avoid paying out-of-pocket for damages is to correctly gather and report relevant personal information and proper insurance details.

Repair Your Car

Once you receive an approved claim from your insurance company, you are free to proceed with your car repair. When you have selected an auto repair company, provide them with insurance information and discuss your car’s restoration timeline.

While dangerous, frightening and horribly inconvenient, collisions come with the territory of driving a car. Prevention is preferred, but it is important to know what to do if you find yourself in an automobile accident. As long as health and safety are intact, try to keep your composure and remain calm. After all, cars can always be fixed!

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